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The Fall of Arthur

The Fall of Arthur

作者  /  J. R. R. Tolkien

譯者  /  Christopher Tolkien/ Ed.


出版日期 / 2014/02/27

商品語言 / 英文

裝訂 / 平裝

定價 / NT$605

售價 / 9折, NT$ 545

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儘管托爾金的《魔戒》,成就非凡,舉世聞名;但以亞瑟王為主角的The Fall of Arthur則被認為是他最偉大的成就,事實上,早在開始寫《哈比人》的幾年前,托爾金就開始創作The Fall of Arthur,使用古英語押頭韻,將亞瑟王的故事以敘事長詩描述,並附有托爾金的三篇隨筆解析,並探究亞瑟王傳說與中土傳說之間的聯繫,呈現這位近乎神話般,中古不列顛傳奇國王的故事,他是如何拔劍稱王,梅林在他國王任內扮演怎樣影響性的角色?以及尋找聖杯的經歷,亞瑟的遠征海外到遙遠的異邦……

The world first publication of a previously unknown work by J.R.R. Tolkien, which tells the extraordinary story of the final days of England’s legendary hero, King Arthur.

The Fall of Arthur, the only venture by J.R.R. Tolkien into the legends of Arthur King of Britain, may well be regarded as his finest and most skilful achievement in the use of the Old English alliterative metre, in which he brought to his transforming perceptions of the old narratives a pervasive sense of the grave and fateful nature of all that is told: of Arthur’s expedition overseas into distant heathen lands, of Guinevere’s flight from Camelot, of the great sea-battle on Arthur’s return to Britain, in the portrait of the traitor Mordred, in the tormented doubts of Lancelot in his French castle.

Unhappily, The Fall of Arthur was one of several long narrative poems that he abandoned in that period. In this case he evidently began it in the earlier nineteen-thirties, and it was sufficiently advanced for him to send it to a very perceptive friend who read it with great enthusiasm at the end of 1934 and urgently pressed him ‘You simply must finish it!’ But in vain: he abandoned it, at some date unknown, though there is some evidence that it may have been in 1937, the year of the publication of The Hobbit and the first stirrings of The Lord of the Rings. Years later, in a letter of 1955, he said that ‘he hoped to finish a long poem on The Fall of Arthur’; but that day never came.

Associated with the text of the poem, however, are many manuscript pages: a great quantity of drafting and experimentation in verse, in which the strange evolution of the poem’s structure is revealed, together with narrative synopses and very significant if tantalising notes. In these latter can be discerned clear if mysterious associations of the Arthurian conclusion with The Silmarillion, and the bitter ending of the love of Lancelot and Guinevere, which was never written.


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