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How to Find Purpose Behind Pain

作者 Shonnie Hemingway
出版社 Ingram International Inc
商品描述 How to Find Purpose Behind Pain:,People'sintendedpurposeofpaincanbreakyouormakeyou.Goingthroughlifenotknowingwhoyouarecanbedepressingifwedonotunderstandtherea


內容簡介 People's intended purpose of pain can break you or make you. Going through life not knowing who you are can be depressing if we do not understand the real concept of purpose for our lives. God allowed pain in our lives to make us stronger and to draw us closer to him. Be encouraged knowing that God has a reward for you. We all have faced pain and suffering at some point in our lives. The enemies' job is to get our focus off track so that we will not experience all that God has in store for us. You will learn change, overcoming fear, and embracing the life God has for you in this book. We know pain does not feel good it brings discomfort. Pain can also play a big part of your life which can cause you to have a mental break down. Things we'll cover include spiritual pain, emotional distress, religious issues, and other levels of discomfort that we ignore. You may at times find yourself getting disconnected from the plans God has for you. In order to become whole we must stay connected to God's word. "How to Find Purpose behind Pain" will provide readers growth, strength and intimacy with God. We will cover a walk with God, looking at purpose, and building your relationship with God on a daily basis to see individuals come into the knowledge of Christ. Accepting his love and power for your life while overcoming every hurt, trial, you may be facing. This book is to create a sense of urgency that will draw you back to the heart of God while walking in the purpose God has for you. Imagine finding hope, peace, and character, all while teaching you how to deal with pain whether good or bad.


作者介紹 Evangelist Shonnie Hemingway is the youngest child of 12 siblings. She has always carried a distinct poise that constantly yields to God for His glory. Knowing this at an early age, she begins to listen to God to adhere to the instructions God has placed in her life. She is also a Daycare Owner CEO for Happy Smiles Daycare where youth are encouraged to enjoy themselves with a help from God imparted into their most gracious lives. She is a prayer warrior intercessor, with an ability to hear the heart of God. She begins persuading her dreams writing her first book as God has placed on her heart. Evangelist Shonnie Hemingway experience trials and pain of rejection throughout her life. Many trials came her way but God anointed her for the battle on how to handle each trial that she had to endure. Her integrity sets her above others with a heart of intentional love for the people of God. She loves helping women grow in life. The gospel is part of her growing ministry. She had attended Lincoln College and Theology; she's also a Sunday School Teacher, alter worker and praise worship leader, youth worker, and choir director. She's preaches and teaches the Word of God. She has received her missionary license through the C.O.G.I.C. Central Illinois Jurisdiction. She has accepted the call of her new ministry, Purpose Driven Empowerment Ministry. She enjoys helping people all walks of life and is excited about helping the world overcome difficulties experienced through the setbacks of pain endured throughout life. Evangelism Shonnie is serious about her walk with God and anything she puts her hands to do. She attends Emmanuel Temple C.O.G.I.C. where she serves on the Pastor Leadership and Advisory Board. She is married to Larry Hemingway, Sr. who has been there through this journey.


書名 / How to Find Purpose Behind Pain
作者 / Shonnie Hemingway
簡介 / How to Find Purpose Behind Pain:,People'sintendedpurposeofpaincanbreakyouormakeyou.Goingthroughlifenotknowingwhoyouarecanbedepressingifwedonotunderstandtherea
出版社 / Ingram International Inc
ISBN13 / 9781663215055
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EAN / 9781663215055
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