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Weight Loss Tracking Planner

作者 V. V. Print
出版社 Ingram International Inc
商品描述 Weight Loss Tracking Planner:,Doyouliketokeepfitandtakecareofyourself?Butamongsomanycommitmentsandthingstodo,youcan'tgetorganizedWehaveasurpriseforyou.★Thisf


內容簡介 Do you like to keep fit and take care of yourself? But among so many commitments and things to do, you can't get organized We have a surprise for you. ★This fitness journal is the perfect solution to start the journey to the new you. Whether your goal is to lose weight, exercise more, or change your eating habits, this handy diary will keep you on track as you take this new path. It is beautiful, simple, and very easy to use. ★Track your food consumption - at breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. Monitor daily water intake, keep track of daily activities and exercises. A great place to keep all your information and useful details in order to optimize the many variables that affect the quality of your workouts and recovery. Writing down and seeing your actual daily food intake gives you a better sense of how much you actually eat. Studies show that monitoring, meal planning, and exercise produce the best results and reduce recovery time. Little things make a big difference. Be beautiful Be fit Be positive


書名 / Weight Loss Tracking Planner
作者 / V. V. Print
簡介 / Weight Loss Tracking Planner:,Doyouliketokeepfitandtakecareofyourself?Butamongsomanycommitmentsandthingstodo,youcan'tgetorganizedWehaveasurpriseforyou.★Thisf
出版社 / Ingram International Inc
ISBN13 / 9781716235917
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EAN / 9781716235917
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尺寸 / 22.9X15.2X0.7CM
重量(g) / 181.4
語言 / 3:英文
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頁數 / 130
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