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China in Ethiopia

作者 Aaron Tesfaye
出版社 Ingram International Inc
商品描述 China in Ethiopia:,ThiscomprehensivestudyofChina-EthiopiarelationsexamineswhyChina-aneconomicandemergingglobalpower-hasbuiltrelationswithEthiopiaandwhyEthiopi


內容簡介 This comprehensive study of China-Ethiopia relations examines why China-an economic and emerging global power-has built relations with Ethiopia and why Ethiopia has responded by singling out China as a partner in its quest for economic development. Using middle-range theory and field research, Aaron Tesfaye focuses on three sets of phenomena: political, economic, and strategic. He explores the following questions: Why are China and Ethiopia building relations at this juncture of globalization? What motivates China's role in helping build Ethiopia's infrastructure, and is Ethiopia's debt to China sustainable? What can Ethiopia offer China in terms of strategic interest in the Horn of Africa and the Red Sea littoral, which is now the most sought out area for military bases by regional and international forces? Tesfaye argues that China's ability to meet Africa's tremendous demand for capital and technology is a reflection of its economic and military rise and evidence that the Asian Century has arrived, ushering in a new global reality.


作者介紹 Aaron Tesfaye is Professor of Political Science at William Paterson University. He is the author of State and Economic Development in Africa: The Case of Ethiopia; The Political Economy of the Nile Basin Regime in the Twentieth Century; and Political Power and Ethnic Federalism: The Struggle for Democracy in Ethiopia.


書名 / China in Ethiopia
作者 / Aaron Tesfaye
簡介 / China in Ethiopia:,ThiscomprehensivestudyofChina-EthiopiarelationsexamineswhyChina-aneconomicandemergingglobalpower-hasbuiltrelationswithEthiopiaandwhyEthiopi
出版社 / Ingram International Inc
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