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Achieve Your Goals

作者 John McOwen
出版社 Ingram International Inc
商品描述 Achieve Your Goals:,SPECIALOFFER55%OFFDoyoumakegoals,butyetgetdiscouragedwhenyourplansdon'twork?Maybeyoufeelstuckorfeellikeyouarenotincontrolofyourlife?Thegoo


內容簡介 SPECIAL OFFER 55% OFFDo you make goals, but yet get discouraged when your plans don't work? Maybe you feel stuck or feel like you are not in control of your life? The good news is that if you want to change the path you are on right now then this book will guide you to a new way of life.Have you ever wondered why a lot of people put in so much effort but achieve very little? It is because they have not successfully mastered the art of goal setting or are not able to figure out the right ways of executing their goals. It is for this reason that I have decided to put together everything you need to know about your goals to help you live a good life. Life never promises to be easy, as a matter of fact, the most successful people are not those who stayed aware of struggles, but those who were able to tackle their problem head-on and finding solutions to their problems. The key to living a happy life is not playing safe but in taking actions towards happiness. A life that is devoid of goals and aspirations is not worth living because it will be an empty life without anything to look up to. The most successful people on earth are not those who slept and dreamt but those who were able to get value out of their dreams. Getting value out of your dreams involves setting goals and achieving your goals. Success isn't solely dependent on goals as it is not all those who set goals that can achieve their goals. If you must achieve your goals, you must make a conscious effort towards setting the right goals in the right way as a goal is merely a step in futility if it is not rightly set. The most important thing at every point is to set your eyes on your final destination, which is your goal. This book offers you a whole lot of insight into how you can live your best life and stay away from distractions. Inside this book you will find: The best ways to set your goals and achieve them as well as the importance of effective goal setting. You will also learn the characteristics of an effective goal and strategies that will help you to execute those goals.SMART goals and objectives and why it is important to your overall success.The dangers of procrastination and ways in which you can overcome it. You will also learn the reasons behind your habit of procrastination.How can the 80 20 rule, otherwise known as the Pareto principle, help you? You will find out in this book. In your journey to living a better life, your mindset plays a vital role, and you will learn how to change practically your mindset.Discover how your willpower and emotional intelligence will also contribute a great deal to helping you achieve your goal.Achieve your Goals is full of practical advice and exercise that will have an immediate impact on your life. You may consider this an A-Z guide on how to live the best life and reach your full potentials. If you want to change the path you are on right now then this book will guide you to a new way of life. Don't miss the chance to start living the life that you really matter.Grab your copy TODAY


書名 / Achieve Your Goals
作者 / John McOwen
簡介 / Achieve Your Goals:,SPECIALOFFER55%OFFDoyoumakegoals,butyetgetdiscouragedwhenyourplansdon'twork?Maybeyoufeelstuckorfeellikeyouarenotincontrolofyourlife?Thegoo
出版社 / Ingram International Inc
ISBN13 / 9781801572743
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EAN / 9781801572743
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語言 / 3:英文
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