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「任何一個想要擁有更有意義、更充實生活的人都應該要看這本書」─Peter Salovey,耶魯大學校長


親社會情緒(Prosocial Emotions)是每個人與生俱來的禮物,包括感恩、同情、自信,而親社會就是迪士汀諾提出取得恆毅力的方法,比起一般常見透過意志力得到恆毅力的方法簡單許多,也不會因為時間而減弱,因為親社會情緒是我們的一部分。


作者迪士汀諾是美國東北大學的心理學教授,主持社交情緒團體,有很豐富的心理學背景,文章常被刊登在紐約時報、Harvard Business Review等主流媒體。

A pioneering psychologist reveals how three emotions can provide the surest, quickest route to success in any realm.

A string of bestsellers have alerted us to the importance of grit – an ability to persevere and control one’s impulses that is so closely associated with greatness. But no book yet has charted the most accessible and powerful path to grit: our prosocial emotions. These feelings – gratitude, compassion and pride – are easier to generate than the willpower and self-denial that underpin traditional approaches to grit. And, while willpower is quickly depleted, prosocial emotions actually become stronger the more we use them. These emotions have another crucial advantage: they’re contagious. Those around us become more likely to apply them when we do.
As this myth-shattering book explains, prosocial emotions evolved specifically to help us resist immediate temptations in favor of long-term gains. Originally, they enabled us to build lasting relationships with other people, and they still do that brilliantly. But they can also be adapted to strengthen our bonds with our own future selves – who will benefit most from the grit we need to succeed in life. No matter what our goals are, EMOTIONAL SUCCESS can help us achieve them with greater ease and deeper satisfaction than we would have thought possible.


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