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Toast: The Cookbook

Toast: The Cookbook

作者  /  Raquel Pelzel

繪者/攝影者  /  Evan Sung/ Photo


出版日期 / 2015/09/14

商品語言 / 英文

裝訂 / 精裝

定價 / NT$825

售價 / 9折, NT$ 743

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知名食譜作家Raquel Pelzel以意想不到的方式,使用簡單食材,呈現50道顛覆您對「奶油吐司」印象的食譜!

◎收錄8位明星主廚食譜,包括《頂尖主廚大對決》 (Top Chef) 的Hugh Acheson、《The Smitten Kitchen》的Deb Perelman,以及《St. John》的Fergus Henderson

吐司正經歷一場全球性的文藝復興,不只是在家庭廚房,連專業主廚都把吐司當成潛力無窮的畫布,展現他們的烹飪技巧,創造一道道精緻的大師傑作。創意吐司料理更曾在各大媒體被大幅報導,包括《Today》、《GMA》、《NPR》、《The New Yorker》、《San Francisco Chronicle》、《Guardian》,以及《Bon Appétit》雜誌等。

獲獎無數、為 《華爾街日報》(Wall Street Journal) 等媒體撰寫食譜的Rachel Pelzel,在本書中將各料理以季節分類,呈現如何用簡單但創意的方式,及容易取得的新鮮食材,發掘出家庭料理的無限可能,做出讓朋友和家人驚艷的吐司料理。只要在奶油土司上添加不同食材,不管把它當成早餐、早午餐、午餐、晚餐或甜點來吃,都潛力無窮!

獲獎美食作家Raquel Pelzel讚譽本書Toast: The Cookbook跨越世代和文化,打破了麵包是不起眼美食的迷思。




The ultimate canvas for sweet and savory culinary creativity. 50 seasonal recipes that reimagine the "bread and butter" of cuisine with simple ingredients in surprising ways.

Easy enough for breakfast, yet suitable for brunch, lunch, dinner and even dessert, the possibilities of heaping beautiful seasonal ingredients on bread are limitless. Toast guides home chefs as they explore home cuisine's ultimate creative canvas. Organized by season, Toast features 50 recipes from savory to sweet that unleash the power of fresh ingredients and simple techniques guaranteed to impress and satisfy any kitchen audience on any occasion. Award-winning food writer Raquel Pelzel's relatable and accessible recipes span generations and cultures and shatter expectations of what this humble favorite can be.

Broiled or char-grilled, pan-fried or deep-fried, a good slice of bread is the ultimate platform to showcase your culinary skills. Toast will teach you to simply and effectively wow friends and family with creative, delicious combinations of ingredients from summer tomato salad, or pickled shrimp and avocado, to roasted squash and molten cheese, poached egg and fried pancetta, or even s'mores.

So much more than just bread and butter, toast is experiencing a global Renaissance. Professional chefs are seizing on the creative potential of a beautiful canvas of bread and delivering sophisticated culinary masterpieces that showcase their own brilliant palettes. Toast invites home cooks to join the ranks of renowned chefs in their experiments and even brings some of their recipes to life with contributions by 8 celebrity chefs including Hugh Acheson (Top Chef), Deb Perelman (The Smitten Kitchen), Fergus Henderson (St. John) and more.

As simple or as sophisticated as you want it to be, but always comforting and nourishing. Toast is perfect for those looking for seasonal, market-inspired recipes, or gourmet treats presented in an approachable manner.

With something for every palette and occasion, this is the ideal book for new and seasoned cooks alike and everyone from college students and recent graduates, to newlyweds and empty nesters.

Artisanal toast is a hit in the media with features on Today, GMA, and NPR, and on the pages of The New Yorker, San Francisco Chronicle, Guardian, and Bon Appétit.


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