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Monsters, Unite!: Conductor Score

出版社 Ingram International Inc
商品描述 Monsters, Unite!: Conductor Score:,Monsters,Unite!byKellyDuggerisafunbeginningbandpiecethatissuretobeahit,notonlyatHalloweentimebutallyearround.Monstersallaro


內容簡介 Monsters, Unite! by Kelly Dugger is a fun beginning band piece that is sure to be a hit, not only at Halloween time but all year round. Monsters all around the world are waking up to a calling to unite. Some are big, hairy creatures, and others are delicate and fairy-like. They walk and fly long distances to find each other. In the end, they all come together, marching as one. Just when you think they've marched off into the distance, they come together to surprise the audience. Unique percussion effects---timpani glissando and theremin (or flexatone)---add to the spooky sound. A tuba solo at the end is followed by a surprising scream that will leave the performers and the audience giggling! (1:35) This title available in SmartMusic.


書名 / Monsters, Unite!: Conductor Score
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簡介 / Monsters, Unite!: Conductor Score:,Monsters,Unite!byKellyDuggerisafunbeginningbandpiecethatissuretobeahit,notonlyatHalloweentimebutallyearround.Monstersallaro
出版社 / Ingram International Inc
ISBN13 / 9781470646059
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EAN / 9781470646059
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