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The Book of Angels

作者 John Alexander Rigsby
出版社 Ingram International Inc
商品描述 The Book of Angels:,TheBookofAngels,Volume1isthefirstEnglishtranslationanddeciphering'softheancienttextscrollsthathavebecomeknownas"angelusibi"whichisLatinfor


內容簡介 The Book of Angels, Volume 1 is the first English translation and deciphering's of the ancient text scrolls that have become known as "angelus ibi" which is Latin for the angel verses. These writing's and telling's have been kept secret from man and give insight into the origins of the Angels. The writings have been difficult and almost impossible to translate and decipher as the original language of the text is no longer spoken by man. The texts found within this book come from the Sumerian and Hebrew translations. These writings are incomplete and the chapters are as written and represent what they will. There is a great amount of mystery surrounding these text's and the carriers of these truths. The cover photo was lifted from a perfectly preserved piece of cloth, believed to be thousands of years old. This is the first reveal of the image to the world. The inscription on the image is Hebrew and it reads, The Mother of Angels. There are signs and symbols that will not be revealed in this edition and the scrolls containing the prophesies have been omitted per request of the elders. There are approximately six hundred additional scrolls and I will publish them as they are translated and deciphered in subsequent volumes. Please pay attention to the text and may it reveal what it may. As


書名 / The Book of Angels
作者 / John Alexander Rigsby
簡介 / The Book of Angels:,TheBookofAngels,Volume1isthefirstEnglishtranslationanddeciphering'softheancienttextscrollsthathavebecomeknownas"angelusibi"whichisLatinfor
出版社 / Ingram International Inc
ISBN13 / 9781736607114
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EAN / 9781736607114
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尺寸 / 21.6X14.0X1.3CM
重量(g) / 344.7
語言 / 3:英文
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頁數 / 124
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