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God The Invisible King

作者 H. G. Wells
出版社 Ingram International Inc
商品描述 God The Invisible King:,Perhapsallreligions,unlesstheflamingonsetofMohammedanismbeanexception,havedawnedimperceptiblyupontheworld.Alittlewhileagoandthethingwa


內容簡介 Perhaps all religions, unless the flaming onset ofMohammedanism be an exception, have dawnedimperceptibly upon the world. A little while ago and thething was not; and then suddenly it has been found inexistence, and already in a state of diffusion. People havebegun to hear of the new belief first here and then there. It isinteresting, for example, to trace how Christianity driftedinto the consciousness of the Roman world. But when areligion has been interrogated it has always had hitherto atale of beginnings, the name and story of a founder. Therenascent religion that is now taking shape, it seems, had nofounder; it points to no origins. It is the Truth, its believersdeclare; it has always been here; it has always been visible tothose who had eyes to see. It is perhaps plainer than it wasand to more people that is all.


書名 / God The Invisible King
作者 / H. G. Wells
簡介 / God The Invisible King:,Perhapsallreligions,unlesstheflamingonsetofMohammedanismbeanexception,havedawnedimperceptiblyupontheworld.Alittlewhileagoandthethingwa
出版社 / Ingram International Inc
ISBN13 / 9798592392405
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EAN / 9798592392405
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