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Elven World: Return of the Tuatha de Danann

作者 T. E. Pelton
出版社 Ingram International Inc
商品描述 Elven World: Return of the Tuatha de Danann:,AreyouElven?AreyouFae?Doyouhavemagicalbloodrunningthroughyourveins?Aroundtheworldcountlessindividualstodayconside


內容簡介 Are you Elven? Are you Fae? Do you have magical blood running through your veins? Around the world countless individuals today consider themselves members of the ancient Celtic tribe, the Tuatha de Danann, who flourished on Earth more than 5,000 years ago, and of whom thousands legends have been told in Irish folklore and Celtic myths. For you and every adventurer, lover of Tolkien fiction or fairy tales, friends of Nature and the fairy worlds, you will enjoy reading the classic tale Elven World: The Return of the Tuatha de Danann. This book has been a catalyst in the renaissance of Celtic Mythology since 2008. The Tuatha de Danann return to Earth in our modern age, although they still have their multidimensional abilities. Lugh, despite his shyness and uncertainties, leads his magical Elven and Faery friends on a quest to discover the cause of the loss of magic power in the Otherworld, confronting the Lord of the Lost Souls, facing challenges, fears and becoming more powerful. Written for teens and young adults by author and educator and ElvenWorld founder, T.E. Pelton. Join us and regain your abilities. Travel in time with the Elven and the Fae on a breathtaking adventure to restore the mystic world of the Elven on Earth. "A magical novel set in Ireland, Oregon ...and other dimensions" - L.A., Author. Elven World is suitable for middle school students ages 10+ and is written to enhance learning and helps kids learn Celtic folklore. For those of Celtic heritage, this is a wonderful teaching book, besides being lots of fun and a pleasure to read. This is the second edition, by author and educator T.E. Pelton (who previously published under the name T.E. Locke in 2008) The new edition is enhanced with beautiful illustrations by Morell. Some Reviews: "There's romance, intrigue, and some great messages about environmentalism and faith hope. Highly recommended- looking forward to the sequel " - SA, Florida "I am a busy professional who seldom gets the pleasure of a good read. So when I get to read for pleasure, it has to be special. "Elven World" was special. It took me to a magical world with love, danger, adventure and intrigue. It almost felt real. Maybe it was " KI, Arizona "It was such an honor to read this magical book. It awakened a new sense of hope and purpose to life, as I followed the Tuatha De Dannan through their journeys, bringing the old ways back to life. It helped me to discover my true self and see the beauty and magic in the world, and helped me to see the possibilities of a brighter future ahead, when the Fae and the Elves will once again imbue their magic upon the Earth and live in harmony with man. It was a spell-binding read, and had a difficult time putting it down, and was sad when I had finished, am looking forward to the next book " - Sidhewillow "Delightful. I found that I know the names and attributes of the Tuatha and Fomorian much better than I did previously." - JL, Colorado "A romantic adventure, the tale follows genuine mythological characters as they battle their long-time enemies, the legendary, hideous Fomorians, and then learn that the real enemy is not who or what they thought It's a great read." - LD, California "My son is 14 and is almost finished with your book and he LOVES it " - KR "If you are a crystal, indigo, HSP (highly sensitive person), pantheistic in nature at all, if you feel kin to the trees, the sky, animals, each other, if you can feel energy then this book will touch your spirit and be a reminder that you are not alone on the road less traveled.Five stars for this book that reminded me of who I am." - SS, Boston" Enjoy the book and we hope to meet you at Elven World online, www.elvenworld.org


作者介紹 T.E. Pelton is an author and educator, who works with gifted and exceptional children. Elven World introduces the reader to new Celtic folklore but holds a deeper meaning for everyone.


書名 / Elven World: Return of the Tuatha de Danann
作者 / T. E. Pelton
簡介 / Elven World: Return of the Tuatha de Danann:,AreyouElven?AreyouFae?Doyouhavemagicalbloodrunningthroughyourveins?Aroundtheworldcountlessindividualstodayconside
出版社 / Ingram International Inc
ISBN13 / 9781506166612
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EAN / 9781506166612
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