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Un Baño de Bosque (Bathing in the Forest)

作者 Marc Ayats
出版社 Ingram International Inc
商品描述 Un Baño de Bosque (Bathing in the Forest):,Winneratthe2020IndependentPublisherBookAwards.Ahearteningstoryaboutconnectingtonatureanditshealingproperties.Thelit


內容簡介 Winner at the 2020 Independent Publisher Book Awards. A heartening story about connecting to nature and its healing properties.The little girl of the forest embraces you, takes you by the hand, and invites you to immerse yourself in her magical world. The trees surround you. You walk in peace. The light filters through the leaves, in myriad green and ochre tones. It feels as if your feet are putting down roots, connecting you with the vibrant world around you. You are surrounded by birdsong, and the sound of the wind in the treetops... You are bathing in the forest.Walking through the forest has multiple benefits. It helps regulate our blood pressure, slow down the heart rate, reduce stress, improves our mood and tones our immune system. You will sleep better and your good mood will increase.If you ever feel gray, sad, agitated, open the pages of Bathing in the Forest and feel the warm embrace of the girl who lives there...Don't miss the book trailer Read the first pages of Un ba o de bosque here below: Ganador de los premios Independent Publisher Book Awards 2020. Una historia alentadora sobre la conexi n con la naturaleza y sus propiedades curativas.La ni a del bosque te abraza, te tiende la mano y te sumerge en la naturaleza. Los rboles te rodean. Caminas con tranquilidad. La luz se filtra entre las hojas y observas la infinidad de matices verdes y ocres. Percibes ese olor inconfundible de la tierra y sientes que formas parte de la vida. Escuchas el trinar de los p jaros y el sonido del viento meciendo las copas de los rboles. Est s disfrutando de un ba o de bosque.Pasear por un bosque tiene m ltiples beneficios. Ayuda a regular nuestra presi n arterial, ralentizar el ritmo cardiaco, reducir el estr s, mejora nuestro estado an mico y tonifica nuestro sistema inmunitario. Dormir s mejor y aumentar tu buen humor.Si alguna vez te sientes gris, triste, agitado... abre las p ginas de Un ba o de bosque y siente el c lido abrazo de la nińa que all habita... No te pierdas el book trailer Lee las primeras p ginas de Un ba o de bosque aqu


作者介紹 Marc Ayats is an environmentalist specialized in harnessing the therapeutic potential of natural spaces. Since 2008 he has developed projects that take advantage of the potential of direct contact with nature to improve people's lives, especially in the fields of social and therapeutic horticulture and forest therapy (Forest Baths), as well as environmental awareness and therapeutic walks. Tireless explorer of new skills, knowledge and techniques that connect him with nature in a simple and direct way: kilns for ceramics, wood carving, efficient combustion, fermentation, bushcraft and survival in nature ...Nívola Uyà is an Spanish award-winning illustrator and visual artist, with a degree in Environmental Sciences. She loves nature as much as illustration and, whenever possible, combines both worlds. She makes illustrations for books, campaigns, audiovisuals and murals, as well as illustration and creativity workshops in many corners of the world, convinced that the creative process brings out the best in people and makes us more sensitive.With a palette of luminous colors and a magical-realistic style, she likes to capture possible and optimistic worlds, that spread love and hope. She has more than a dozen illustrated albums published in English, Spanish, Catalan, Portuguese, German and Swahili, distinguished with several international awards, such as the Silver Medal at the Moonbeam Children's Book Awards for Best Illustrator, and Best Illustrated Album Award at the International Latino Book Awards and the selection Seal Chair of UNESCO for Reading.


書名 / Un Baño de Bosque (Bathing in the Forest)
作者 / Marc Ayats
簡介 / Un Baño de Bosque (Bathing in the Forest):,Winneratthe2020IndependentPublisherBookAwards.Ahearteningstoryaboutconnectingtonatureanditshealingproperties.Thelit
出版社 / Ingram International Inc
ISBN13 / 9788416733576
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EAN / 9788416733576
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