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作者 Galen Reuther ; Lu Ann Welter ; Lu Ann Walter
出版社 Ingram International Inc
商品描述 Hendersonville:,RestinginoneofWesternNorthCarolina'sscenicvalleysnearthecontinentaldivide,HendersonvilleoffersarichcultureandintriguinghistoryintheheartoftheB


內容簡介 Resting in one of Western North Carolina's scenic valleys near the continental divide, Hendersonville offers a rich culture and intriguing history in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Hendersonville was chartered as a city on January 7, 1847, and the coming of the railroad in 1879 sparked its growth. The summer arrival by train of both wealthy and middle-class visitors bolstered Main Street businesses and gave rise to fashionable inns and innumerable boarding houses. The photographs in Images of America: Hendersonville illustrate the history of a town still populated with founding families, seasonal residents, and summer tourists. This volume explores the early pioneer days, the Civil War period, the land boom of the 1920s, the Great Depression, and the growth of this now-thriving city.


書名 / Hendersonville
作者 / Galen Reuther ; Lu Ann Welter ; Lu Ann Walter
簡介 / Hendersonville:,RestinginoneofWesternNorthCarolina'sscenicvalleysnearthecontinentaldivide,HendersonvilleoffersarichcultureandintriguinghistoryintheheartoftheB
出版社 / Ingram International Inc
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