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首頁CD古典協奏曲 〉C.P.E.巴哈: 大提琴協奏曲, 漢堡交響曲
C.P.E.巴哈: 大提琴協奏曲, 漢堡交響曲

C.P.E.巴哈: 大提琴協奏曲, 漢堡交響曲
C.P.E. Bach Project

作者  /  歐菲莉.蓋拉德/ 普欽內拉管弦樂團 Ophelie Gaillard/ Francesco Corti/ Pulcinella Orchestra


出版日期 / 2014/05/08

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售價 / 9折, NT$ 594

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This programme presents a portrait, on the tercentenary of the composer's birth, of Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach (1714-1788),
who was probably the most gifted of the sons of the famous Johann Sebastian Bach. Highly admired in his own century by
Haydn, Gluck and Mozart, he stands out today as a brilliant and highly original composer.
'A musician cannot move others unless he is himself moved: it is essential for him to experience all the moods he wishes to
arouse in his listeners. […] In languid, sad places, he will become languid and sad; this must be both audible and visible.'
For Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach, music had to be an expression of personal feelings. To achieve his aim, he did not hesitate to
revolutionise the established principles of form, harmony and rhythm. His compositions are very personal and very free, with
sudden changes of key, uneven phrase lengths and strong and unexpected contrasts, so that his music constantly holds the
listener's attention.
The Trio Sonata 'Sanguineus und Melancholicus' is a rarity in the composer's output in that it is a quasi-programmatic work. It
presents a conversation between two persons, the one sanguine (first violin) and the other melancholic (second violin). The
same duality is found throughout the recordings presented here, from the well-known Sinfonia no. 5 to the two brilliant cello
With this revolutionary music, we find ourselves a whirl of emotions! Under the bow of cellist Ophélie Gaillard, at the head of
the virtuosic Pulcinella Orchestra, these pieces come as a revelation!


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