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After Andy: Adventures in Warhol Land

After Andy: Adventures in Warhol Land

作者  /  Natasha Fraser-Cavassoni

出版社 / Blue Rider Press

出版日期 / 2017/08/01

商品語言 / 英文

裝訂 / 精裝

定價 / NT$980

售價 / 9折, NT$ 882

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本書作者Natasha Fraser-Cavassoni描述了她在安迪.渥荷(Andy Warhol)工作室的經歷,並且探索藝術家生前與死後在藝術世界、流行文化、社會與時尚的影響力,以及渥荷的象徵地位又是如何誕生出當今最具影響力的某些品味製造者。

Natasha Fraser-Cavassoni 出生於1960年代,父親是英國著名的政治人物,母親是同樣出名的作家。青少女時期憧憬於形塑新文化的美國藝術、音樂與娛樂事業。她早熟、愛熱鬧,從一個熱愛龐克搖滾的修道院女學生,轉身成以派對為生活中心的社交名流,最後還成為滾石樂團主唱米克.傑格花邊新聞的女主角。



In After Andy, writer Natasha Fraser-Cavassoni recounts her experience working in Andy Warhol's Studio, and explores Warhol's influence--during his life and forever after--on the art world, pop culture, society, and fashion, and how his iconic status gave rise to some of our most influential tastemakers today.

Spanning her own childhood through her late twenties, Natasha Fraser-Cavassoni's After Andy is a memoir and social exploration of the influence that artist Andy Warhol exerted throughout his lifetime and beyond. Born and raised in 1960's London, the daughter of a famous politician and equally famous author-mother, Fraser-Cavassoni was one of many children and adolescents who looked toward America for the explosion of art, music and entertainment that was shaping the new culture. A precocious, rambunctious adolescent, Fraser-Cavassoni grew in just a matter of a few teenage years from a punk-rock-loving convent schoolgirl to party-girl socialite to becoming linked in the tabloids to Mick Jagger. In her quest to find a place for herself in the world, Fraser-Cavassoni found herself meeting Andy Warhol on and off over the years before landing in New York City at Andy Warhol Enterprises, or as she calls it, "Adventures in Warhol Land." In her breezy, witty, self-deprecating prose, Fraser-Cavassoni takes the reader deep into the pop artist's world--as well as miles into the stratosphere of the socialites, movie stars, royal figures, and downtown NYC artists who could be found in Warhol's orbit--working and partying closely with Fred Hughes, Ed Hayes, Brigid Berlin, Vincent Fremont, and many others who were part of the Factory clan.

Having been the last person hired to work at the Warhol Studio before Warhol's death, Fraser-Cavassoni recounts the end of an era and the establishment of a global icon. From the behind-the-scenes conflict and disagreements over his personal possessions and art inventory, to the record-breaking auction of his belongings and publication of his diaries, Fraser-Cavassoni had a front seat for much of the goings-on. She explores the immediate aftermath of Warhol's death and his ever-growing influence that ranged from New York and Los Angeles and throughout Europe, and his effect on rock music, fashion and other artists, and interviews dozens of the people who knew him well.


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