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The Stan Lee Story (Collector's Ed.)

The Stan Lee Story (Collector's Ed.)

作者  /  Stan Lee/ Roy Thomas


出版日期 / 2018/11/01

商品語言 / 英文

裝訂 / 精裝

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漫威教父Stan Lee


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還原絕版經典作品《1947 Secrets Behind the Comics!


內容從他經歷紐約大蕭條時期的童年,目睹漫成為全球漫畫出版社冠軍,到成為POW! Entertainment的創意總監,史丹‧李的作品歷經時代的考驗,也讓他的名字成為漫畫史上最具傳奇色彩的名號。


史丹,李的創作在漫畫界掀起革命性的熱潮,和他打拼傳奇事業的夥伴包括傑克‧科比、史帝夫‧迪特科、John Romita和吉姆‧斯特蘭科等人,共同創作不少膾炙人口的超級英雄系列,例如《驚奇4超人》、《無敵浩克》、《蜘蛛人》、《雷神索爾》、《鋼鐵人》、《X戰警》和《復仇者聯盟》。直到1980年進軍好萊塢,他再次開創奇蹟,開發電視和電影項目,因此奠定漫威電影的寶座,更為21世紀電影風潮打下良好基礎。

丹‧李經常在全球各大賽事現身,證明他在流行文化的巨大影響力。身為POW! Entertainment的幕後推手,他早已成為掌控全媒體的專家,他專門和搖滾巨星、職業體育聯盟、電影專家和實境節目合作,加強他在全球的影響力及創造力。


這本自傳書由知名漫畫編劇大師Roy Thomas編撰,以獨特的見解分享史丹‧李如何引領不朽的流行文化。內容收錄超過千張漫畫精美插圖、深入的職業生涯傳記、史丹‧李親手撰寫的前言、最親密的家庭私人照片等,絕對值得熱愛漫威漫畫的粉絲品味與珍藏。

● 此書為高單價珍稀商品,售出後除瑕疵,恕無法退貨 

This is the big one, True Believers! The mostly true tale of Stan Lee: an unparalleled, Giant-Size extravaganza, eight years in the making, about the one and only Godfather of Comics. From his childhood in Depression-era New York, to making Marvel into the number one comics publisher in the world, to his modern-day reinvention as Chief Creative Officer of global entertainment company POW! Entertainment, Stan “the Man” Lee stands the test of time as the most legendary name in comicbook history.

Stanley Lieber began working at Timely Comics in 1940 at the age of 17 and found himself at the helm of the bullpen as its top editor just two years later. As an editor and writer he guided the company through good times and bad—World War II and the Korean War, the threat of government censorship, and changing readership tastes—until 1961 when he ignited a revolution in comics, helped rebrand the publishing house as Marvel, and revitalized a dying industry with the “Marvel Age of Comics.”

With a legendary stable of art partners including Jack Kirby, Steve Ditko, John Romita, and Jim Steranko, Lee unleashed a dizzying cascade of seminal comicbook creations—the Fantastic Four, Hulk, Spider-Man, Thor, Iron Man, the X-Men, and the Avengers to name a few. After moving to Hollywood in 1980, he did it again, developing TV and film projects that laid the groundwork for the “Marvel movie,” now a cornerstone of 21st-century film. Stan’s constant cameo presence in these billion-dollar worldwide events is a testament to his influence. As the man behind POW! Entertainment, he has become a master of all media—working with rock stars and professional sports leagues, movie mavens and reality TV shows—reinforcing his creative stature the world over.

Lee’s tale is told in this Collector’s Edition by his successor at Marvel, renowned comics writer, editor, and historian Roy Thomas, who brings “you are there” insights and wide-eyed clarity to key moments of Lee’s journey to pop culture immortality. Featuring hundreds of treasures of comicbook art, a novel-length essay by Thomas, a foreword written by Lee himself, and intimate photographs sourced straight from his family archives, this is a titanic tribute worthy of the Man, not only in breadth but also in sheer size. ’Nuff said.

This Collector’s Edition of 1,000 numbered copies, each signed by Stan Lee, includes:

A foreword by Stan Lee and in-depth career biography by Roy Thomas
Complete facsimile comicbook reprints of Stan’s greatest hits and coveted rarities from throughout the decades, true to original size, tipped-in throughout the book; plus a separately bound reissue of Stan Lee’s 1947 Secrets Behind the Comics!
More than 1,000 images, including intimate photographs and artifacts from Stan and Joan Lee’s personal archives, and new reproductions of original art and rare comicbooks from the vaults of the world’s premier Marvel collectors
Printed on archival paper and presented in an acrylic slipcase

All Marvel characters are © MARVEL


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