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Comics: An Introduction

作者 Harriet E. H. Earle
出版社 Ingram International Inc
商品描述 Comics: An Introduction:,Comics:AnIntroductionprovidesaclearanddetailedintroductiontotheComicsform-includinggraphicnarrativesandarangeofothergenres-explaining


內容簡介 Comics: An Introduction provides a clear and detailed introduction to the Comics form - including graphic narratives and a range of other genres - explaining key terms, history, theories, and major themes. The book uses a variety of examples to show the rich history as well as the current cultural relevance and significance of Comics. Taking a broadly global approach, Harriet Earle discusses the history and development of the form internationally, as well as how to navigate comics as a new way of reading. Earle also pushes beyond the book to lay out the ways that fans engage with their comics of choice - and how this can impact the industry. She also analyses how Comics can work for social change and political comment. Discussing journalism and life writing, she examines how the coming together of word and image gives us new ways to discuss our world and ourselves. A glossary and further reading section help those new to Comics solidify their understanding and further their exploration of this dynamic and growing field.


作者介紹 Harriet E.H. Earle is Lecturer in English at Sheffield Hallam University, UK. Her first monograph - Comics, Trauma, and the New Art of War - was published in 2017. Her research interests include American Comics and popular culture, representations of violence, protest narratives, and biopolitics. She has published across the field of Comics and popular culture studies. She is also the Editor of the series Global Perspectives in Comics Studies.


書名 / Comics: An Introduction
作者 / Harriet E. H. Earle
簡介 / Comics: An Introduction:,Comics:AnIntroductionprovidesaclearanddetailedintroductiontotheComicsform-includinggraphicnarrativesandarangeofothergenres-explaining
出版社 / Ingram International Inc
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