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The Remarkables

作者 Clotilde Perrin
出版社 Bounce Sales & Marketing Ltd.
商品描述 The Remarkables:ClotildePerrin最新作品,世界上最棒的小孩:誠品以「人文、藝術、創意、生活」為核心價值,由推廣閱讀出發,並透過線上網路,傳遞博雅的溫度,打造全新


內容簡介 每個人都是超級英雄法國插畫家Clotilde Perrin筆下38個擁有「神奇力量」的孩子:有的充滿電力、有的會飛、有的像橡皮筋一樣柔軟Q彈、有的會隱形….。孩子們示範自己的神奇力量,並分享自己的小故事。這本充滿幻想與幽默的大書,能讓孩子在歡笑中談論情緒與自我認同、想想自己希望或已經擁有的超級神力是什麼,同時了解到每個人都是獨一無二的存在。書後有大合照,以及小測驗,測測看什麼是屬於你的超級神力。 Meet 38 extraordinary children: an electric child, a flying child, elastic, invisible, miniature, a child made of cake.Each child describes their characteristics, tells anecdotes, and presents the special powers that make them unique. A "class photo" brings everyone together with a quiz finale for readers to discover their own superpowers.The Remarkables is a big book of fantasy and humor that entertains and provides a way to talk about emotions and identity. Through Perrin's unique imagination, this inclusive encyclopedia celebrates individuality, strengths, and differences, allowing every reader to explore what miraculous superpower they would wish for―or might have.Known for her original lift-the-flap explorations of fairytale stories, Perrin here turns the lens onto her child readers, showing each one that they are a superhero.


作者介紹 Clotilde PerrinClotilde Perrin is an illustrator and author living in France. A graduate of the prestigious School of Decorative Arts in Strasbourg, she has published more than 30 books and is known for her intricate lift-the-flaps books.


書名 / The Remarkables
作者 / Clotilde Perrin
簡介 / The Remarkables:ClotildePerrin最新作品,世界上最棒的小孩:誠品以「人文、藝術、創意、生活」為核心價值,由推廣閱讀出發,並透過線上網路,傳遞博雅的溫度,打造全新
出版社 / Bounce Sales & Marketing Ltd.
ISBN13 / 9781776575046
ISBN10 /
EAN / 9781776575046
誠品26碼 / 2682523190000
頁數 / 72
裝訂 / H:精裝
語言 / 3:英文
尺寸 / 34.5 X 1 X 24.5 cm
級別 / N:無
提供維修 /


最佳賣點 : Clotilde Perrin 最新作品,世界上最棒的小孩


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