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Look I'm an Ecologist

作者 DK
出版社 Ingram International Inc
商品描述 Look I'm an Ecologist:,Thiscreativepreschoolecobookwillunleashyourchild'scuriosityastheyplayandlearntheirwaythrough20funandimaginative,nature-lovingprojects.P


內容簡介 This creative preschool eco book will unleash your child's curiosity as they play and learn their way through 20 fun and imaginative, nature-loving projects. Perfect for kids ages 3-7, Look I'm an Ecologist helps children discover they already have the tools they need to be an awesome ecologist: an inquisitive mind, unlimited imagination, and super senses! Whether they are doing nature crafts indoors; growing plants on a windowsill, on a balcony, or in a garden; or collecting things at a park or beach, the exciting, hands-on projects show kids just how much fun it is being green, and encourage preschoolers to use their senses as they explore the natural world. The green activities are a gentle introduction to environmental topics such as climate change, conservation, and recycling--ideal for curious kids who want to make a difference. Budding ecologists will construct a bird feeder, make leaf prints, create a paper pond, weave a spider's web, build a seascape, grow plants, and record their findings on journey sticks. With clear pictures and easy-to-follow instructions, the practical activities support preschool and Kindergarten curriculums. Look I'm an Ecologist gives young readers the opportunity to do what they do best: imagine, create, learn, problem solve, and play their way to a greener planet.


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書名 / Look I'm an Ecologist
作者 / DK
簡介 / Look I'm an Ecologist:,Thiscreativepreschoolecobookwillunleashyourchild'scuriosityastheyplayandlearntheirwaythrough20funandimaginative,nature-lovingprojects.P
出版社 / Ingram International Inc
ISBN13 / 9780744033816
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EAN / 9780744033816
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