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The Camel's Back Annotated

作者 F. Scott Fitzgerald
出版社 Ingram International Inc
商品描述 The Camel's Back Annotated:,Originallypublishedinthe"SaturdayEveningPost"in1920,thisstorywasfirstpublishedinbookforminTalesoftheJazzAgein1922."Isupposethatofa


內容簡介 Originally published in the "Saturday Evening Post" in 1920, this story was first published in book form in Tales of the Jazz Age in 1922."I suppose that of all the stories I have ever written this one cost me the least travail and perhaps gave me the most amusement. As to the labor involved, it was written during one day in the city of New Orleans, with the express purpose of buying a platinum and diamond wrist watch which cost six hundred dollars. I began it at seven in the morning and finished it at two o'clock the same night. It was published in the "Saturday Evening Post" in 1920, and later included in the O. Henry Memorial Collection for the same year. I like it least of all the stories in this volume.My amusement was derived from the fact that the camel part of the story is literally true; in fact, I have a standing engagement with the gentleman involved to attend the next fancy-dress party to which we are mutually invited, attired as the latter part of the camel-this as a sort of atonement for being his historian."


書名 / The Camel's Back Annotated
作者 / F. Scott Fitzgerald
簡介 / The Camel's Back Annotated:,Originallypublishedinthe"SaturdayEveningPost"in1920,thisstorywasfirstpublishedinbookforminTalesoftheJazzAgein1922."Isupposethatofa
出版社 / Ingram International Inc
ISBN13 / 9798747404069
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