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The Bermondsey Poisoner

作者 Emily Organ
出版社 Ingram International Inc
商品描述 The Bermondsey Poisoner:,Aserialpoisonerisontheloosein1880sLondon.AculpritisontherunafterafatalpoisoninginBermondsey.ItseemslikeasimplecaseforPennyGreentorepo


內容簡介 A serial poisoner is on the loose in 1880s London.A culprit is on the run after a fatal poisoning in Bermondsey. It seems like a simple case for Penny Green to report on, until a series of macabre photographs is discovered.As the poisonings continue, Scotland Yard is convinced they have their suspect. It's not long before they're outwitted and no one is safe. Penny and Inspector James Blakely must avoid the red herrings and track down the manipulative poisoner.But could there be more than one?


書名 / The Bermondsey Poisoner
作者 / Emily Organ
簡介 / The Bermondsey Poisoner:,Aserialpoisonerisontheloosein1880sLondon.AculpritisontherunafterafatalpoisoninginBermondsey.ItseemslikeasimplecaseforPennyGreentorepo
出版社 / Ingram International Inc
ISBN13 / 9781999343323
ISBN10 /
EAN / 9781999343323
誠品26碼 /
尺寸 / 20.3X12.7X1.9CM
重量(g) / 367.4
語言 / 3:英文
級別 / N:無
頁數 / 340
裝訂 / P:平裝