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The Eye of Zeitoon

作者 Talbot Mundy
出版社 Ingram International Inc
商品描述 The Eye of Zeitoon:,IfyoupreferyourmelodramawithanOrientalsetting,agarnitureofknivesandfezes,ofeasternodorsandstrangeoaths,tryTheEyeofZeitoon.Mr.Mundyhaswritt


內容簡介 If you prefer your melodrama with an Oriental setting, a garniture of knives and fezes, of eastern odors and strange oaths, try The Eye of Zeitoon. Mr. Mundy has written this, his latest story, with all the masterly skill of a true maker of tales and with an insight into the hearts of his characters that makes the reader love them all.


書名 / The Eye of Zeitoon
作者 / Talbot Mundy
簡介 / The Eye of Zeitoon:,IfyoupreferyourmelodramawithanOrientalsetting,agarnitureofknivesandfezes,ofeasternodorsandstrangeoaths,tryTheEyeofZeitoon.Mr.Mundyhaswritt
出版社 / Ingram International Inc
ISBN13 / 9798709035270
ISBN10 /
EAN / 9798709035270
誠品26碼 /
尺寸 / 20.3X12.7X1.5CM
重量(g) / 290.3
語言 / 3:英文
級別 / N:無
頁數 / 290
裝訂 / P:平裝