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Hannah Arendt: Between Ideologies

作者 Rebecca Dew
出版社 Ingram International Inc
商品描述 Hannah Arendt: Between Ideologies:,Thisbookpresentsanincisivesurveyoftwentieth-centurytransatlanticideationalexchange.TheauthorarguesthatGerman-Americanpoliti


內容簡介 This book presents an incisive survey of twentieth-century transatlantic ideational exchange. The author argues that German-American political thinker Hannah Arendt is to be distinguished not only from the French side of the existentialist movement, but singled out from Heidegger on the German side, as well. The primary feature of Arendt's existentialism is its practicality in political terms; its acknowledgment of the vital need for viable public spaces of vocalization, action and interaction; its recommendation of councils, constitutions and other structural foundations for the visible presentation of politics; and the applicability of her view of political action to her estimation of authentic human living. Drawing from the work of Karl Jaspers as her primary exemplar, conclusions are made as to the degree to which Arendt's existentialism, thereby identified as atypical, is to be assessed as postmodern without going so far as to declare her intellectual bent postmodernist.


作者介紹 Rebecca Dew has researched and published extensively on Hannah Arendt and the transatlantic exchange of ideas, including articles for journals such as Critical Horizons, History of European Ideas and Metodo, and an edited collection. She now serves as a Legislative Analyst for the Florida Senate.


書名 / Hannah Arendt: Between Ideologies
作者 / Rebecca Dew
簡介 / Hannah Arendt: Between Ideologies:,Thisbookpresentsanincisivesurveyoftwentieth-centurytransatlanticideationalexchange.TheauthorarguesthatGerman-Americanpoliti
出版社 / Ingram International Inc
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