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Interpretation and Application

出版社 Ingram International Inc
商品描述 Interpretation and Application:,Howdoesonebestmakeancientbiblicaltextspertinenttothe21stCenturylistener,whilestillmaintainingtheintegrityoftheScriptures?Inter


內容簡介 How does one best make ancient biblical texts pertinent to the 21st Century listener, while still maintaining the integrity of the Scriptures? Interpretation and Applicationis designed to provide guidance on how to interpret and apply God's word honestly and accurately in a sermon.This collection of short interviews, essays, and sermons is from today's best known preacher's including Jeffrey Arthurs, Haddon Robinson, Joshua Harris, David Jackman, and John Henry Beukema.The first section addresses important ways to ensure that your sermon doesn't ignore or mishandle God's word. Chapters such as Let the Text Question Your Framework, and Preaching the Melodic Line emphasize the importance of biblical truth over personal style or opinion, and focus on drawing out the deeper themes within Scripture.The second half addresses how the Bible intersects with real life, because application is about explaining, equipping, and truly speaking to the hearts of the congregation. Chapters like Blending Bible Content and Life Application and Sermon Application in a Post-Christian Culture address how to preach accurately from the Bible, while still having a regard for the listener's life questions and level of spiritual maturity.


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簡介 / Interpretation and Application:,Howdoesonebestmakeancientbiblicaltextspertinenttothe21stCenturylistener,whilestillmaintainingtheintegrityoftheScriptures?Inter
出版社 / Ingram International Inc
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