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Irish Fairy Tales Annotated

作者 James Stephens
出版社 Ingram International Inc
商品描述 Irish Fairy Tales Annotated:,IrishFairyTalesisaretellingoftenIrishfolktalesbytheIrishauthorJamesStephens.TheEnglishillustratorArthurRackhamprovidedinteriorart


內容簡介 Irish Fairy Tales is a retelling of ten Irish folktales by the Irish author James Stephens. The English illustrator Arthur Rackham provided interior artwork, including numerous black and white illustrations and sixteen color plates. The stories are set in a wooded, Medieval Ireland filled with larger-than-life hunters, warriors, kings, and fairies. Many stories concern the Fianna and their captain, Fionn mac Uail, from the Fenian Cycle of Irish mythology.The book was first published by Macmillan and Company in 1920. It is one of Stephens' better-known works.


書名 / Irish Fairy Tales Annotated
作者 / James Stephens
簡介 / Irish Fairy Tales Annotated:,IrishFairyTalesisaretellingoftenIrishfolktalesbytheIrishauthorJamesStephens.TheEnglishillustratorArthurRackhamprovidedinteriorart
出版社 / Ingram International Inc
ISBN13 / 9798746160799
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EAN / 9798746160799
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