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The Zeit-Geist (Esprios Classics)

作者 Lily Dougall
出版社 Ingram International Inc
商品描述 The Zeit-Geist (Esprios Classics):,LilyDougall(1858-1923)wasaCanadianauthorandfeminist.BornintoanevangelicalPresbyteriannewspaperfamily,Dougall'sliberalviewso


內容簡介 Lily Dougall (1858-1923) was a Canadian author and feminist. Born into an evangelical Presbyterian newspaper family, Dougall's liberal views often conflicted with her religious upbringing. Although born in Montreal, Quebec, she was educated in New York City and at both the University of Edinburgh and St. Andrew's University in Scotland. While in Edinburgh, she lived with her aunt. She lived in Montreal from 1897 to 1903 until she finally settled down in Cumnor, near Oxford, in 1911. While there, she lived her life with her lesbian partner, Sophie Earp. In Cumnor, she became the center of a group that was dedicated to thought and conversation. This was similar in its views to that of her first essay, Pro Christo et Ecclesia (1900).


書名 / The Zeit-Geist (Esprios Classics)
作者 / Lily Dougall
簡介 / The Zeit-Geist (Esprios Classics):,LilyDougall(1858-1923)wasaCanadianauthorandfeminist.BornintoanevangelicalPresbyteriannewspaperfamily,Dougall'sliberalviewso
出版社 / Ingram International Inc
ISBN13 / 9781034281108
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