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Pittsburgh Sports Firsts

作者 Alliance of Esteemed Duquesne Scribes
出版社 Ingram International Inc
商品描述 Pittsburgh Sports Firsts:,Countlessgroundbreakingmomentsinthenation'ssportshistoryweremadeonthegridirons,courts,fields,icerinksandballparksofPittsburgh.Duques


內容簡介 Countless groundbreaking moments in the nation's sports history were made on the gridirons, courts, fields, ice rinks and ballparks of Pittsburgh. Duquesne's Chuck Cooper was the first African American player drafted by the NBA. Beloved local radio station KDKA produced the first-ever broadcast of a Major League Baseball game. The Pittsburgh Stars were the first NFL champions in 1902. The first nighttime World Series game was played in the Steel City, and the only game seven World Series walk-off homerun happened there too. The city boasts compelling claims as the birthplace of pro hockey, pro football and college basketball. Some of the most preeminent authors and sports historians of Western Pennsylvania capture the vivid moments that make Pittsburgh a city of historic sports firsts.


書名 / Pittsburgh Sports Firsts
作者 / Alliance of Esteemed Duquesne Scribes
簡介 / Pittsburgh Sports Firsts:,Countlessgroundbreakingmomentsinthenation'ssportshistoryweremadeonthegridirons,courts,fields,icerinksandballparksofPittsburgh.Duques
出版社 / Ingram International Inc
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