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Through God's Eyes

作者 Avis D. Brownlee-Wooley
出版社 Ingram International Inc
商品描述 Through God's Eyes:,Ifyourlifeseemstobefallingapart,youcanfindhope,assurance,andfaithagain.Godhasnotforgottenyou.Self-reflectioncanbringaboutself-correction.I


內容簡介 If your life seems to be falling apart, you can find hope, assurance, and faith again. God has not forgotten you. Self-reflection can bring about self-correction. If we allow the Holy Spirit to clean up our sight, the visions and dreams given to us will be clear. Offering guidance filled with the love of Christ, Through God's Eyes seeks to bring awareness to the body of Christ about how we see ourselves, how we see others, what God expects of us, and how he sees us. In examining ourselves, we learn how we should treat one another with respect and be willing to help others along the way. Christ said that he would not leave us comfortless, and he has proven it by sending the Holy Spirit. Christ came that we might have life and have it to the fullest. We Christians should examine ourselves daily and ask ourselves: Where do I measure up in God's eyes today? If we fall short, we can take the opportunity to make the necessary adjustments and get back into the light. We all can get there if we stay devoted to his word, full of faith, and open to hearing his voice and acting on his terms. This biblically inspired guide to personal growth teaches us to see things and circumstances through God's eyes, keeping us aligned with our Lord and focused on living a holy life.


作者介紹 Avis D. Brownlee-Wooley is dedicated to the service of the Lord and works as the minister of music for her local church. She is a graduate of Austin State University in Clarkston, TN with a Bachelor of Science degree. She works as a Medical Laboratory Scientist in Conyers, Georgia. She is also the author of Girls ... God's Best 4 U, as well as a variety of puppetry skits and plays. She and her husband, Stanley, has one child and three grandchildren.


書名 / Through God's Eyes
作者 / Avis D. Brownlee-Wooley
簡介 / Through God's Eyes:,Ifyourlifeseemstobefallingapart,youcanfindhope,assurance,andfaithagain.Godhasnotforgottenyou.Self-reflectioncanbringaboutself-correction.I
出版社 / Ingram International Inc
ISBN13 / 9781664216075
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EAN / 9781664216075
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重量(g) / 140.6
語言 / 3:英文
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