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Textiles from the Andes

作者 Penelope Dransart ; Helen Wolfe
出版社 Ingram International Inc
商品描述 Textiles from the Andes:,?IntheworldoftheancientAndes,textileswereoftenthemostvaluablecommoditypeoplepossessed--farbeyondgoldandsilver--andtheywereamajormediu


內容簡介 ?In the world of the ancient Andes, textiles were often the most valuable commodity people possessed--far beyond gold and silver--and they were a major medium for conveying critical cultural meaning. Textiles of the Andes features a wealth of rare and exquisite pieces, many of great iconographic and technical importance, ranging in date from the Paracas to the Inca and Colonial periods, from 200 BC to the late 18th century. Examples of contemporary Andean textiles complement the early pieces and illustrate the continuity of weaving traditions in the Andes. - Detailed photos show each textile in full - Glossary of technical analysis for designers - Authoritative introduction by an expert in the field provides a context for appreciating and enjoying the superb and varied designs


書名 / Textiles from the Andes
作者 / Penelope Dransart ; Helen Wolfe
簡介 / Textiles from the Andes:,?IntheworldoftheancientAndes,textileswereoftenthemostvaluablecommoditypeoplepossessed--farbeyondgoldandsilver--andtheywereamajormediu
出版社 / Ingram International Inc
ISBN13 / 9781566568593
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EAN / 9781566568593
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