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Brothers and Sisters

作者 Bebe Moore Campbell
出版社 Ingram International Inc
商品描述 Brothers and Sisters:,"Withwitandgrace,Campbellshowshowallourstories--white,black,malefemale--ultimatelyintertwine."--TimeSetagainstthesmolderingembersofpost-


內容簡介 "With wit and grace, Campbell shows how all our stories--white, black, male female--ultimately intertwine."--Time Set against the smoldering embers of post-riot Los Angeles, Brothers and Sisters confirms Bebe Moore Campbell's reputation for fiction that "cuts close to the bone of real life" (Atlanta Journal). Esther Jackson is a bank manager who's worked hard to keep her passions in check. Sensitive to injustice, but struggling against hostility and mistrust, she forms a tentative friendship with Mallory Post, a white coworker who seems sometimes to live in a different--and unreachable--world. But when an attractive black man is hired as a senior vice president at the bank, with troubling and unexpected consequences for both of these women, Esther is forced to question her deepest loyalties and desire--and what really makes us "brothers and sisters."


作者介紹 Bebe Moore Campbell was a bestselling author and a journalist. Her nonfiction work has appeared in The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Los Angeles Times, Ms., Essence, Black Enterprise, Ebony, Working Mother, USA Weekend, and Adweek, among other publications. She was a regular contributor to National Public Radio. She was the author of such national, critically acclaimed bestsellers as Brothers and Sisters, Singing in the Comeback Choir, Your Blues Ain't Like Mine, Stompin' at the Savoy, and What You Owe Me, as well as the award-winning children's book, Sometimes My Mommy Gets Angry. Campbell was born and grew up in Philadelphia and graduated from the University of Pittsburgh, where she earned a bachelor of science degree in elementary education. She taught elementary and middle school for five years. She is survived by her daughter, the actress Maia Campbell, and a son, Ellis Gordon III.


書名 / Brothers and Sisters
作者 / Bebe Moore Campbell
簡介 / Brothers and Sisters:,"Withwitandgrace,Campbellshowshowallourstories--white,black,malefemale--ultimatelyintertwine."--TimeSetagainstthesmolderingembersofpost-
出版社 / Ingram International Inc
ISBN13 / 9780425227503
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