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KPI Mega Library: 36,000 Key Performance Indicators

作者 Rachad Baroudi Phd
出版社 Ingram International Inc
商品描述 KPI Mega Library: 36,000 Key Performance Indicators:,ThepurposeofthisguidebookistogivethereaderaquickandeffectiveaccesstothemostappropriateKeyPerformanceIndic


內容簡介 The purpose of this guide book is to give the reader a quick and effective access to the most appropriate Key Performance Indicator (KPI). The 36,000 KPIs are categorized in a logical and alphabetical order. Many organizations are spending a lot of funds on building their strategic planning and performance management capabilities. One of the current challenges is the difficulty to know what KPIs are used in similar situations. This book main objective is to acquaint the reader with available KPIs measuring performance of a specific industry, sector, international topic, and functional area. The book is divided into three sections: 1) Organization Section: 32 Industries - 385 Functions - 11,000 KPIs 2) Government Section: 32 Sectors - 457 Functions - 12,000 KPIs 3) International Section: 24 Topics - 39 Sources - 13,000 KPIs REVIEWS: "It's very interesting book. Let me also use this opportunity to congratulate you on it" Augustine Botwe, M&E Consultant - Sweden "Thank you for this book. As an OD and performance consultant, it will be great to have a reference like this to help assist clients and not reinvent the wheel. Congratulations on making this happen with admiration" Sheri Chaney Jones - Ohio, USA "Fabulous book I bought it for my company. Good work " Elizabeth Amini, CEO, Strategist - LA, USA "Congratulations for this tremendous work you have done with this book " Roxana Goldstein, Monitoring Consultant - Argentina "This looks like a very important reference for me in my BSC consulting practice." Edy Chakra, Partner, ADDIMA Consulting - UK "Congratulations for your book, it is very comprehensive " Rafael Lemaitre - Manager at Palladium Group - Spain "Many thanks for sharing this valuable information. I will use as reference in my work." Edi Indriyotomo - Senior IT Mgr. - Indonesia "I am reading my copy of your great book "KPI Mega Library" which I bought from Amazon. Thank you, great effort " Basel A - Kuwait "It's a great idea, for folks who don't have a clue where to start. If you're a strategy consultant who shapes strategies for your clients, you need a tailored set of performance metrics" Shelley Somerville, Social Change Strategist - LA, USA "A very comprehensive list of KPIs across a number of functions, industries, etc. As an organizational consultant, I could use this resource as a jumping off point to discuss KPIs with a client based on their particular needs. This book could be a great tool to pick and choose the correct KPIs based on a number of criteria" Anthony Bussard - Dynamic, Innovative HR Effectiveness Consultant - Boston


作者介紹 The author is a leading international consultant in the USA, Canada, and MENA region with 26-years experience in organizational development, strategic planning, and performance management. He worked with the private sector in the USA as a consultant for Small Business and Entrepreneurship Institute and as a chief auditor for Holiday Inn Corporation, followed by aerospace industry, where he worked for world-leaders in this field, Aeroquip Corporation and Array Systems. In Canada, he assisted Honda of Canada Manufacturing for eight years by refining their planning and performance systems. In MENA region, he worked in the organization development field with oil and gas corporations. He worked as a senior expert for UAE and KSA central governments where he advised on multiple public-sector projects such as National 2030 Vision, National Transformation Program (NTP), Public Social Agenda, Government 2030 ICT Strategy, Government Performance Management System, and Public Strategy-Budget Alignment. He assisted more than 94 government entities and private-sector corporations in developing their strategic plans and performance management frameworks. His current role is MENA strategy advisory executive director with Ernst and Young.


書名 / KPI Mega Library: 36,000 Key Performance Indicators
作者 / Rachad Baroudi Phd
簡介 / KPI Mega Library: 36,000 Key Performance Indicators:,ThepurposeofthisguidebookistogivethereaderaquickandeffectiveaccesstothemostappropriateKeyPerformanceIndic
出版社 / Ingram International Inc
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