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The Black Watch

作者 Charles Grant
出版社 Ingram International Inc
商品描述 The Black Watch:,InthewakeoftheJacobiteRebellions,companiesoftrustworthyHighlanderswereraisedfromroyalclanstoprotectthepopulace,detercattlestealingandguardaga


內容簡介 In the wake of the Jacobite Rebellions, companies of trustworthy Highlanders were raised from royal clans to protect the populace, deter cattle stealing and guard against any possible Jacobite incursion. Soon after its formation, the companies organized into a regiment of foot known famously as the Black Watch, the name thought to derive from their dark-coloured tartans and their role to watch the Highlands. This book explores the uniforms, equipment and history of the Black Watch, from their involvement in the battles of Fontenoy and Ticonderoga in the mid-18th century, through to the Korean War of the 1950s.


作者介紹 Charles Grant has had a lifelong interest in militaria and is a passionate war-gamer. He has written for many military publications including The Journal of the Society for Army Historical Research and has had two books published on modern and eighteenth century war-gaming. Scottish-born, and a retired officer of the Special Branch, Scotland Yard, he is married with two children and lives in Kent.


書名 / The Black Watch
作者 / Charles Grant
簡介 / The Black Watch:,InthewakeoftheJacobiteRebellions,companiesoftrustworthyHighlanderswereraisedfromroyalclanstoprotectthepopulace,detercattlestealingandguardaga
出版社 / Ingram International Inc
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