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Here Comes the Sun!

作者 Emilie Loring
出版社 Ingram International Inc
商品描述 Here Comes the Sun!:,-Thesecondbookofthebest-sellingAmericanromancenovelist,EMILIELORING,whohassoldover35millionbooksworldwide.-'ThereisalwaysloveinEmilieLori


內容簡介 - The second book of the best-selling American romance novelist, EMILIE LORING, who has sold over 35 million books worldwide. - 'There is always love in Emilie Loring's novels' NEW YORK TIMES. - 'Opens like the popping of a bunch of firecrackers and sparkles... an excellently entertaining story' NEW YORK HERALD-SUN. A train journey to the coast of Maine and a chance meeting with two rival candidates for the Senate, Jim Trafford and Ben Cheever leads the vibrant, impetuous Julie Lorraine into a secret marriage, a world of intrigue and heart-rending doubt. ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Emilie Loring was an American romance author, beloved of generations of readers from the 1920s through to the present day. Born into literary family in Boston 1866, she published her first book in 1914 under the pen name 'Josephine Story'. Her first of thirty best-selling works of romantic fiction, THE TRAIL OF CONFLICT (1923) were published under her own name. To date she has sold over 35 million books. She died in Wellesley, Massachusetts on 13 March 1951. Twenty further 'Emilie Loring' novels would be published after her death, based on a wealth of unpublished material discovered by her two sons and ghost-written by Elinore Denniston.


書名 / Here Comes the Sun!
作者 / Emilie Loring
簡介 / Here Comes the Sun!:,-Thesecondbookofthebest-sellingAmericanromancenovelist,EMILIELORING,whohassoldover35millionbooksworldwide.-'ThereisalwaysloveinEmilieLori
出版社 / Ingram International Inc
ISBN13 / 9798608279348
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EAN / 9798608279348
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重量(g) / 326.6
語言 / 3:英文
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