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The History Keepers 2: Circus Maximus

The History Keepers 2: Circus Maximus
歷史守護者 2: 紅色機密

作者  /  Damian Dibben 戴米恩.迪本

出版社 / CORGI

出版日期 / 2013/06/06

商品語言 / 英文

裝訂 / 平裝

定價 / NT$440

售價 / 9折, NT$ 396

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The second instalment of the internationally acclaimed series which follows the adventures of Jake Djones and the extraordinary secret service that protects the true course of history...The History Keepers are in terrible danger once more. Stocks of Atomium - the crucial ingredient which allows them to travel through time - are perilously low, and the agents must embark on a risky mission to find more. And now a new and even more evil member of the Zeldt family is planning a hideous take-over of the Ancient world, and they are forced to travel further back into history than ever before in order to save the day. Well, all of the days actually. In this exciting sequel, the History Keepers embark upon another rollercoaster adventure that takes us into the heart of the ancient world, from the doors to Hades, to the streets of Rome at the height of its glorious empire. You think the chariot race in Ben Hur is exciting? Wait till you see the History Keepers racing round Rome...


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ISBN 13 /9780552564298
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