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Us and Them

Us and Them

作者  /  Helmut Newton/ Alice Springs


出版日期 / 2016/04/24

商品語言 / 英文

裝訂 / 精裝

級別 / 限制級


定價 / NT$2,100

售價 / 66折, NT$ 1,386

※ 此商品需向門市調貨,備齊後出貨

Us and Them 其它優惠/消息

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殿堂級攝影大師漢姆特‧紐頓與Alice Springs以攝影藝術表現兩人永恆不朽的愛情

一代攝影大師漢姆特‧紐頓最浪漫真摯的攝影全集,大膽揭露及歌頌他與妻子Alice Springs因藝術相知相惜的親密關係。首次出版於1999年,集結漢姆特‧紐頓及他的演員兼任攝影師妻子Alice Springs的精湛作品,共分為5個章節,展現紐頓與妻子最親暱隱私的內在世界「我們」,還有發現攝影大師多采多姿、豐富及專業的社交生活「他們」。


Helmut Newton and Alice Springs turn the lens on their love and their lifeUs and Them is an ode to partnership and art. First published in 1999, it gathers photographs by Helmut Newton and his wife, the actress and photographer June Newton, who worked under the pseudonym Alice Springs. The collection is arranged into five sections, alternating the gaze between Newton and Spring's own tender internal world of "Us", and the glamorous encounters of their social and professional milieu -"Them".The "Us" sections of the book reveal the pair's portraits of each other and themselves, as startling in their moments of vulnerability as they are infectious in their episodes of joy. We see the pair pensive, weary, or roaring with laughter. Alice photographs Helmut on set with his models, in the shower, and in stilettos. Helmut captures Alice in the kitchen, in costume, and hanging up the washing in the nude. Along the way, we are alerted to the frailties and intimacies that make up a long-term partnership and that coexisted with the high-voltage glamour for which Newton is renowned. The particular power of the pictures is to locate as much magnetism and beauty in an aging, ailing partner (Helmut in the hospital, Alice adjusting her spectacles), as in the pristine physiques of a Newton fashion shoot. In the concluding "Them" section, Newton and Springs each turn their lens on the same, typically famous, subjects, including Catherine Deneuve, Charlotte Rampling, David Hockney, Dennis Hopper, Karl Lagerfeld, and Timothy Leary. While Newton casts these subjects with his unique brand of statuesque allure, Springs deploys a softer focus to find something more suggestive, delicate, or playful. As we move from, in Newton's words, "truth and simplicity" to "editorializing", through youth and age, love and sex, and the public and private spheres, Us and Them offers not only an elegant example of independent visions within a shared life, but also a tender and inspiring chronicle of love through passing time.


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