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One Mission: How Leaders Build a Team of Teams

One Mission: How Leaders Build a Team of Teams

作者  /  Chris Fussell/ Charles Goodyear

譯者  /  General Stanley McChrystal/ FW.


出版日期 / 2017/07/11

商品語言 / 英文

裝訂 / 精裝

定價 / NT$699

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《紐約時報》暢銷書《美國四星上將教你打造黃金團隊》作者之一,前海豹部隊成員克里斯.福塞爾(Chris Fussell)將以本書One Mission告訴領導者,如何使組織更為扁平化,提高各部門之間的聯繫,以達到最大的效率。

「Chris Fussell是當今最有活力的思想家之一。他的想法與觀點挑戰了我個人的許多假設,促使我想得更廣。我因為Chris Fussell變得更聰明了。讀這本書吧!」- 賽門.西奈克 (Simon Sinek -《先問,為什麼》、《最後吃,才是真領導》、《在一起,更好》作者)

當四星上將Stanley McChrystal與海豹部隊成員Chris Fussell利用他們的經驗,將美國特種部隊轉變成可以打敗在伊拉克的蓋達組織時,他們證明了小團隊的靈活度、適應能力與凝聚力在打破造成各部門隔閡的「筒倉」時,就可以擴充為大型的組織。

許多企業領導人不斷地詢問Chris Fussell同樣的問題:「我該如何將我的組織部門轉變成黃金團隊?」Fussell將在本書展示,政府各部門如何更扁平化、行動更快、彼此更合作無間。除了戰場上的經驗,作者並且以矽谷軟體巨人「財捷集團」(Intuit)與知名運動品牌UA(Under Armour)為例,解析大型企業如何採用以上所述的相似模式,將每個人團結起來,為一個共同的任務向前進。書中所謂的「共享意識」,可以減少分歧與降低部門之間的敵意,這種意識,將不斷地導向更好的結果。


From the co-author of New York Times bestseller Team of Teams, a practical guide for leaders looking to make their organizations flatter and more interconnected.
When retired four-star General Stanley McChrystal and former Navy SEAL Chris Fussell co-wrote Team of Teams, they drew on their experience transforming the U.S. military’s Special Forces into a flexible and nimble force that could defeat Al-Qaeda’s decentralized network in Iraq.  They proved that the agility, adaptability, and cohesion of small teams could be scaled up to large organizations, while breaking down the silos that frequently cause problems.
Since Team of Teams became a bestseller in 2015, business leaders have repeatedly asked Fussell the same questions: How can I transform my own organization into a team of teams? Is that kind of dramatic change even possible, outside of the urgency of a combat zone?  If so, what are the practical steps to get there?
Many Teams, One Mission answers those questions and many more.  Drawing on his and consulting work with the McChrystal Group, Fussell shows how civilian organizations have transformed their way of doing business – becoming flatter, quicker, and much more collaborative across departments and divisions.  Along with sharing his own experiences from the battlefield, he explores examples from industry titans like Intuit and Under Armour, which have adopted a similar model in order to unite everyone around single compelling mission.  The result is a “shared consciousness” that drives consistently better results with less friction and inter-group rivalry.
This book is for any leader who wishes he or she could get everyone to look beyond their narrow field of vision to understand -- and contribute to – the organization’s one true mission.


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