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Poems and Paradoxes

作者 Kyle D. Evans
出版社 Ingram International Inc
商品描述 Poems and Paradoxes:,17ChaptersofParadoxesandFascinatingIdeas...apoemsandpicturestohelpyourememberthemHowbigisabillion?Howmuchwouldyoupayforaonecoin?Whyarenon


內容簡介 17 Chapters of Paradoxes and Fascinating Ideas...a poems and pictures to help you remember them How big is a billion? How much would you pay for a one coin? Why are no numbers boring? This collection answers these questions and many more, setting fun poetry and illustrations against fascinating mathematical ideas in a unique and amusing way. This book will appeal to math-hungry teens and young adults, but also to anyone who enjoys wordplay and mind-bending concepts. Teachers of students at various levels will find content that can be applied to lessons.


作者介紹 Kyle D Evans is a math teacher and award-winning maths presenter and entertainer from the UK. In 2016 he was crowned UK champion of Famelab, an international competition run by Cheltenham Science Festival to find the best new voices in science communication. He regularly talks (and sings!) about mathematics at schools, festivals, and comedy clubs around the UK, being nominated for various awards for my math-themed comedy shows. He has presented to crowds of 500+ teenagers at various school events and is a regular contributor to BBC Radio 4's cult numbers show 'More or Less' and the Today programme's 'Puzzle for Today.' He is passionate about increasing the mathematical literacy of children and adults, always in entertaining and imaginative ways. www.kyledevans.com @kyledevans Hana Ayoob is science communicator, organising festivals and events, and illustrating and writing on popular science topics.


書名 / Poems and Paradoxes
作者 / Kyle D. Evans
簡介 / Poems and Paradoxes:,17ChaptersofParadoxesandFascinatingIdeas...apoemsandpicturestohelpyourememberthemHowbigisabillion?Howmuchwouldyoupayforaonecoin?Whyarenon
出版社 / Ingram International Inc
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