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KAWS: Family

作者 Jim Shedden/ Julian Cox/ Stephan Jost
商品描述 KAWS: Family:【KAWS:Family】✰KAWS粉絲必備收藏。KAWS,被視為當代的藝術巨擘,以其獨特的視覺語言和大型雕塑,席捲了藝術界、時尚圈與流行文化領域。他將街頭文化與流


內容簡介 【KAWS: Family】 ✰KAWS 粉絲必備收藏 KAWS,被視為當代的藝術巨擘,以其獨特的視覺語言和大型雕塑,席捲了藝術界、時尚圈與流行文化領域。他將街頭文化與流行藝術巧妙結合,顛覆了傳統藝術的疆界,為觀眾帶來耳目一新的視覺體驗。 《KAWS: Family》 是 KAWS 首次於加拿大舉辦的大型個展,由多倫多安大略美術館主辦,本書收錄他過去二十多年的60多幅作品,涵蓋素描、繪畫、雕塑及精選商品,以及展覽現場照片、安大略美術館副館長兼首席策展人 Julian Cox 的文章,以及安大略美術館策展人兼總編輯 Jim Shedden 與 KAWS 的深度訪談。透過這些內容,讀者可以深入瞭解 KAWS 的創作脈絡,一窺他如何跨足於藝術、流行文化、產品設計與時尚等領域,發揮深遠的影響力。American artist KAWS is one of the most famous living contemporary artists today. Renowned for his iconic visual language and larger-than-life sculptures, the artist draws on beloved pop culture icons to create a new and recognizable cast of characters of his own. The broad appeal of KAWS’ style has made his artwork accessible to collectors, museum visitors and the general public alike, and has led to collaborations with coveted global brands and immense commercial success.KAWS: FAMILY, organized by the Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto, marks the artist’s Canadian institutional exhibition debut with an array of his drawings, paintings, sculptures and selected products. The catalog features over 60 works from the past two decades, including installation photography; essays by Julian Cox, AGO Deputy Director and Chief Curator; and an interview with KAWS by Jim Shedden, AGO Curator of Special Projects and Director of Publishing. Together, this material provides new insights into KAWS’ influences and creative process as well as the impact his work has made across the spheres of fine art, pop culture, product design and fashion.A graffiti artist since adolescence, Brian Donnelly (born 1974), known professionally by his moniker KAWS, received his BFA in illustration from New York’s School of Visual Arts in 1996. He has collaborated with brands such as Supreme, Nike and Comme des Garcons, and his work can be found in the collections of the High Museum of Art in Atlanta, the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth, the Brooklyn Museum and the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles. KAWS lives and works in Brooklyn, New York.


書名 / KAWS: Family
作者 / Jim Shedden Julian Cox Stephan Jost
簡介 / KAWS: Family:【KAWS:Family】✰KAWS粉絲必備收藏。KAWS,被視為當代的藝術巨擘,以其獨特的視覺語言和大型雕塑,席捲了藝術界、時尚圈與流行文化領域。他將街頭文化與流
ISBN13 / 9781636811093
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EAN / 9781636811093
誠品26碼 / 2682462348005
頁數 / 156
裝訂 / H:精裝
語言 / 3:英文
尺寸 / 26.7X26.7X1.9
級別 / N:無
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最佳賣點 : A lavishly illustrated tour of the methods, process and sources behind the iconic pop artworks of KAWS