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◎ 本書為Pronunciation Pairs 的銜接,詳細介紹所有發音的細節,以避免學生死背發音規則的錯誤學習方式。
◎ 無論母音、子音、子音群、重音與節奏、連音、語調等都有清楚易懂的說明。

Pronunciation Plus helps intermediate-level students of North American English improve their pronunciation through a variety of stimulating listening and speaking tasks. Many of these tasks are done with a partner or in small groups, giving students the opportunity to interact with their classmates while practicing their pronunciation.
Pronunciation Plus contains sixty 2–3 page units. Together they address all of the important elements of spoken English: individual speech sounds, consonant clusters, stress and rhythm, sounds in connected speech, intonation, sounds and grammar, and pronouncing written words.
The book is flexible in structure so that teachers can select those units that address the areas their students need to work on. Each unit includes a communicative activity that allows students to play a game with their classmates or explore an aspect of their daily lives as they work on pronunciation.


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