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作者  /  何兆基 (Ho Siu-Kee)

譯者  /  林嘉敏 (Carmi Lam)/ 編; 陳慧思 (Teresa Chan)/ 劉偉娟 (Caddie Lau)/ 林景娜 (Ashley Lim)

出版社 / 藝術地圖有限公司

出版日期 / 2017/11/30

商品語言 / 中/英對照

裝訂 / 精裝

定價 / NT$1,000

售價 / 9折, NT$ 900

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(一) 自二〇〇九年開始延續至今的《聖光》系列﹔
(二) 於二〇一五年《此身幾何》展覽呈現的四組大型雕塑裝置與行為演示﹔及
(三) 由收藏舊物的興趣引發對人與物的思考,並以名為《身外物――與何兆基創作相關的一百件物件》的一個延伸展覽作為總結。
除了自己的書寫梳理,別人的評論分析自然也是一面明鏡。法藉藝評人 丹靜喜女士Ms. Giusi Daniele及香港中文大學藝術系 韋一空教授 Prof. Frank Vigneron為本書所撰的長文,深入剖析我在作品中所援引的諸般參照,好些詮釋角度為我所未察。本書亦試圖做到文字解讀與作品圖象互為指涉,藉以豐富讀者的想像,這全賴編輯林嘉敏小姐、書籍設計師香建峰先生及盧可兒小姐的細心經營。書的封面選了岑愷怡小姐為我拍的一幀照片,我藏身於枝繁葉茂的一棵老樹之中,天地悠悠,時光苒苒,客塵如寄,「身」與「物」只存乎一「心」。
《心身外物》涵蓋過去近十年的作品,這段期間一如過往,藝術探究與教學工作佔據我生活的絕大部份,對家人難免有所虧欠,感謝內子瑞瑩及小兒見山的體諒與支持。此書能夠面世,亦有賴a.m.space統籌出版發行的工作及Burger Collection慷慨贊助,謹此致謝。


mind-body-things is a collection of the art and text of my exploration of "mind", "body" and "things" in the past few years. The three subjects are certainly related and they have a connection too complicated to be separated from one another.
We observe the world with our senses and also respond to the outside world with our body. These are probably the basic conditions for us to understand this world and settle down in it. Things are related to and interact with us. They form physical connection with our body and, more importantly, we perceive and feel things with our mind. Our mind allows us to form affectionate bond with everything in the world. The existence of things does not stay unchanged. Activities of our mind and body can extend the possibilities of things and break our physical constraints to a certain extent. All the objects we make and our scientific inventions are results of these activities, leaving behind visible forms and tracks as well as proof of the existence of man and things in this world. While "things" are often considered something external, they in fact point directly to "mind" and "body". "Mind" and "body" rely on each other and together they prove our "being in the world". The world, as the summation of all "external things", becomes visible because of everyone's "mind" and "body".

This book covers three series of works and exhibitions, namely
(1) the Aureola series which has started in 2009
(2) the four major sculptural installation and performance works shown in the 2015 exhibition "Body Geometry"; and
(3) an extended exhibition titled "The Things - 100 Objects that Relate to the Art of Ho-Siu kee", which concludes the reflection on man and things starting from my collection of old objects.

Over the years, I have tried to summarise the development of each series of works by text after the series in completed, attempting to find the thread running through it and its context. The process is like purifying turbid water and may take a few years. The articles in this book are considered the first results of "purification". Probably not all the particles responsible for turbidity have been removed but the deep water should be calm and clear enough to serve as a mirror for myself.

In addition to my own writing, reviews and analysis by others are also mirrors. In this book are three feature articles, by French art critic Ms Giusi Daniele, Professor Frank Vigneron from the Department of Fine Arts of the Chinese University of Hong Kong and Dr. Silvia Fok from the General Education Centre of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University respectively. They dissect the various references contained in my works, and interpret my works from some angles I myself have never noticed. The book also attempts to cross-reference text and images of the works to create a space of imagination for the readers. Any success in this aspect is attributed to the work of Ms Carmi Lam, the editor and the designers Mr Alex Heung and Ms Connie Lo. The book cover is a photo of me taken by Ms Debe Sham, in which I am seen hidden in a lush old tree. A man's life is like a speck of dust in the long river of space and time, and the "body" and "things" hinge on nothing but our "mind".
mind-body-things cover my art pursuit in nearly a decade. In those years, just like before, I was quite occupied with art making and teaching, I owe my wife Sui-ying and my son Jasen for their understanding and support. I would also like to thank a.m.space for co-ordinating the publication and distribution of this book, and my gratitude goes to Burger Collection for their generous sponsorship.


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ISBN 13 /9789881329950
ISBN 10 /9881329957
EAN /9789881329950


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