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內容簡介 所愛之人是否值得信任?該如何面對建立在謊言上的生活?風靡英國的心理驚悚小說家T. M. Logan一鳴驚人之作!喬.林區(Joe Lynch)是個英文老師,婚姻快樂美滿。當他載著兒子威廉在回家的路上時,威廉看見了此刻應該在上班的母親 - 梅爾(Mel)的車。為了給妻子一個驚喜,喬驅車跟著梅爾進入了飯店的停車場。當他目睹梅爾與家族友人班(Ben)在停車場上起爭執時,喬介入了兩人的紛爭。兩個男人的衝突越演越烈,已到了一發不可收拾的地步。就在班吃了喬一拳而不省人事的當下,威廉的氣喘發作了,為了救孩子,喬不得不帶著威廉離開現場。當他回到飯店停車場,想知道班是否還活著時,班竟然不見了。接著,喬便接到一則訊息,他的生命走向從此改觀…。The sensational #1 bestselling psychological thriller.'A tense and gripping thriller' B A Paris, bestselling author of BEHIND CLOSED DOORS.'So gripping I genuinely found it hard to put down' KL Slater, bestselling author of BLINK.Joe Lynch is just an ordinary happily-married man - until one split-second decision throws his life into crisis.When Joe sees his wife having a confrontation with family friend Ben, it's the first hint that she's been lying to him - about everything. And when he steps in to protect her, a harmless shove knocks Ben to the ground. And he's not moving...Gripping, unputdownable and packed with twists and turns from the first page to the very last, this stunning psychological thriller will make you question whether we can ever really trust the ones we love . . .SEE WHAT READERS ARE ALREADY SAYING ABOUT THIS GRIPPING PSYCHOLOGICAL THRILLER"A compelling, twisty page-turner, and that's the truth" James Swallow, bestselling author of NOMAD"Creepy, creepy, creepy . . . a winner if you like thrillers." Women's Way"Outstanding and very well-written debut psychological thriller.The book was so gripping I genuinely found it hard to put down" KL Slater, bestselling author of BLINK"Intense and surreal and utterly amazing . . . that ending just absolutely blew my tiny mind. I didn't see it coming and it was FANTASTIC." Girl vs Books"Cranks up the suspense, tension, complications, revelations and twists to create a gripping, dramatic and exciting ending . . . A great read" Bibliomaniac"Well written and perfectly pitched . . . a great debut thriller" Bloomin Brilliant Books"Gripping, full of twists and turns, it's very hard to put it down!" Bibliophile Book Club


作者介紹 TM LoganTM Logan出生於英國柏克夏郡,父親是英國人,母親是德國人,卡地夫大學畢業後成為報紙的新聞記者,Lies是他的第一部小說,29 Seconds即將於明年出版。


書名 / Lies
簡介 / Lies:所愛之人是否值得信任?該如何面對建立在謊言上的生活?風靡英國的心理驚悚小說家T.M.Logan一鳴驚人之作!喬.林區(JoeLynch)是個英文老師,婚姻快樂美滿。當他載著
作者 / T. M. Logan
出版社 / Twenty7 Books
誠品26碼 / 2681469709000
ISBN13 / 9781785770555
ISBN10 / 1785770551
EAN / 9781785770555
語言 / 英文
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