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Rola Italian: Level 1

作者 Edward Lee Rocha ; The Rola Languages Team
出版社 Ingram International Inc
商品描述 Rola Italian: Level 1:,IfyourgoalistojumpstartyourprogressinlearningtheItalianlanguagebybuildingvocabulary,grammar,andspeakingskills,RolaLanguages'Italian:Lev


內容簡介 If your goal is to jumpstart your progress in learning the Italian language by building vocabulary, grammar, and speaking skills, Rola Languages' Italian: Level 1 book is for you! This guided workbook was crafted with the real-life classroom experience in mind and features lessons that focus on specific areas, easy-to-follow instructions, an abundance of practice activities, and more! In Rola's Italian: Level 1 book you will find: 6 Unique and Informative Chapters: Each chapter focuses on a set of vocabulary and grammar concepts that give you the tools to start speaking Italian in a practical way. Contextual Vocabulary: Each chapter leads with vocab introductions and translations which are also present within the readings and exercises that follow. Italian Perspective: This book presents vocabulary, grammar, and contextual examples according to rules and patterns of European Italian.Multidisciplinary and Interactive Sections: Each chapter consists of 7 sections focused on the areas of vocabulary, grammar, readings, exercises, and review.Real-Life Context: Readings are incorporated throughout to provide situational context and help build comprehension skills.Practice Exercises: Each chapter has guided lessons to put your learning to the test and build on the skills and concepts acquired. Rola Risposte Veloci: Each chapter ends with a section that reviews the material and puts the concepts learned together; a cornerstone of the Rola Method. Answer Key: An answer key is included in the back of the book, allowing the user to check their progress along the way. The Rola Method is a progressive teaching method that promotes fluency through repetition. With the needs of our adult students in mind, it was designed to increase retention and confidence.Our method focuses on 3 parts and is reflected in the structure and exercises: Vocabulary Building RepetitionVerb Drills GrammarGeneral Conversation FluencyThis textbook provides a solid foundation of basic vocabulary and grammatical structure of the Italian language, including real-life examples to help contextualize concepts learned for day-to-day application. With this workbook, you will be well on your way to becoming an Italian speaker in no time!


書名 / Rola Italian: Level 1
作者 / Edward Lee Rocha ; The Rola Languages Team
簡介 / Rola Italian: Level 1:,IfyourgoalistojumpstartyourprogressinlearningtheItalianlanguagebybuildingvocabulary,grammar,andspeakingskills,RolaLanguages'Italian:Lev
出版社 / Ingram International Inc
ISBN13 / 9781087879345
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EAN / 9781087879345
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