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Jane Austen: A Companion

作者 Laura Dabundo ; Laurence W. Mazzeno ; Sue Norton
出版社 Ingram International Inc
商品描述 Jane Austen: A Companion:,Writtenforreadersatalllevels,thisbooksituatesJaneAusteninhertime,andforalltimes.Itprovidesabiography;locatesherworkinthecontextoflit


內容簡介 Written for readers at all levels, this book situates Jane Austen in her time, and for all times. It provides a biography; locates her work in the context of literary history and criticism; explores her fiction; and features an encyclopedic, readable resource on the people, places and things of relevance to Austen the person and writer. Details on family members, beaux, friends, national affairs, church and state politics, themes, tropes, and literary devices ground the reader in Austen's world. Appendices offer resources for further reading and consider the massive modern industry that has grown up around Austen and her works.


作者介紹 Laura Dabundo is a professor of English emerita at Kennesaw State University outside Atlanta. She has written books, articles, and has presented papers at many conferences in America and internationally on Jane Austen, Romanticism, the Gothic, and detective and mystery fiction. Laurence W. Mazzeno, president emeritus of Alvernia University, Reading, Pennsylvania, is the author or editor of 20+ books and more than 300 articles and reviews on literature and history. He lives in Arvada, Colorado. Sue Norton, a lecturer of English at the Technological University Dublin since 1999, previously taught in University College Dublin, University College Cork and New Jersey City University.


書名 / Jane Austen: A Companion
作者 / Laura Dabundo ; Laurence W. Mazzeno ; Sue Norton
簡介 / Jane Austen: A Companion:,Writtenforreadersatalllevels,thisbooksituatesJaneAusteninhertime,andforalltimes.Itprovidesabiography;locatesherworkinthecontextoflit
出版社 / Ingram International Inc
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