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Nimrod: The Tower of Babel by Trey Smith (Paperback)

作者 Trey Smith
出版社 Ingram International Inc
商品描述 Nimrod: The Tower of Babel by Trey Smith (Paperback):,Nimrod:TheTowerofBabelislikelyoneoftheBESTPRESENTATIONonNimrodandtheTowerofBabeleverputtogetherinprint.T


內容簡介 Nimrod: The Tower of Babel is likely one of the BEST PRESENTATION on Nimrod and the Tower of Babel ever put together in print.This book is fully illustrated with charts, timelines, actual archaeological sites, explanation of the "gods," the summoning of the Enki at the Tower of Babel, the matching of the Sumerian texts with the Biblical texts, and the list goes on.... This book uses a combination of Hebrew texts, the Book of Genesis, the Book of Jasher, the Book of Enoch, the Eridu Genesis, the Epic of Gilgamesh, and other documents translated into laymen's terms with epic imagery and actual artifacts to bring Nimrod and his Tower of Babel to life in a way that has never been done before. You will learn about the area at the base of Mount Ararat where Noah's ark landed; thus the reason Nimrod calls Noah the "Lord of Aratta." You will learn about Nimrod trying to get support for his Tower of Babel from his great grandfather Noah. You will learn about Nimrod's Tower of Babel falling at the time he is going to do war with his great grandfather Noah. You will learn how in the Sumerian texts (the oldest on earth) that Nimrod (called "Enmerkar" which means "mighty hunter") states that he attempted to provide high quality beer to his great grandfather Noah on one occasion. You will also learn that Nimrod (Enmerkar) claims Noah kept the high quality beer of Uruk and ancient Eridu; yet still refused to support his Tower and told Nimrod to "get his life straight."You will further learn that later Nimrod also claims and believes it is Noah (and those with him) who are releasing living dinosaurs (dragons) on him and his men. Nimrod essientially never does get his life straight, and also can never get over his Tower of Babel, and the shame his grandfather Ham put on his life. These are from actual Sumerian documents that you have likely never heard before. And, that is just where we begin.... This is the real life account of Nimrod and Noah. A story of "good" vs. "evil." It is a story, even from the pagan side, about faith vs. Nimrod's arrogance and pride.It is all done through actual ancient texts, actual documents and actual artifacts in HD imagery. Easy enough for a 5th grader and intellectually satisfying enough for any Phd.. Also, it looks nice on a coffee table and can lighten the atmosphere of any room for leisure reads. A true story about the largest Nimrod that ever lived. Enjoy the ride Trey Smith


書名 / Nimrod: The Tower of Babel by Trey Smith (Paperback)
作者 / Trey Smith
簡介 / Nimrod: The Tower of Babel by Trey Smith (Paperback):,Nimrod:TheTowerofBabelislikelyoneoftheBESTPRESENTATIONonNimrodandtheTowerofBabeleverputtogetherinprint.T
出版社 / Ingram International Inc
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EAN / 9781733490320
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