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North Myrtle Beach

作者 Susan Hoffer McMillan
出版社 Ingram International Inc
商品描述 North Myrtle Beach:,In1968,thefamily-basedCherryGrove,OceanDrive,Crescent,andWindyHillBeacheswereconsolidatedintoonemunicipality,gainingastrongerpresencewitha


內容簡介 In 1968, the family-based Cherry Grove, Ocean Drive, Crescent, and Windy Hill Beaches were consolidated into one municipality, gaining a stronger presence with a new name of North Myrtle Beach. Looking back at North Myrtle Beach's underpinnings, Roberts Pavilion (later renamed OD Pavilion), Fat Harold's, and The Pad led the Carolina Shag dancing phenomenon for which Ocean Drive is famous. When Hurricane Hazel struck in 1954, vintage cottages and early guest hotels were replaced by Mid-Century Modern motels with a fresh vibe. North Myrtle Beach's vintage pavilions and fishing piers create a family atmosphere that draws repeat vacationers each year. Its unusually wide strand and excellent fishing have made South Carolina's northern coastline a vacation destination for over a century.


書名 / North Myrtle Beach
作者 / Susan Hoffer McMillan
簡介 / North Myrtle Beach:,In1968,thefamily-basedCherryGrove,OceanDrive,Crescent,andWindyHillBeacheswereconsolidatedintoonemunicipality,gainingastrongerpresencewitha
出版社 / Ingram International Inc
ISBN13 / 9781540247087
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EAN / 9781540247087
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