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How Women Transform Preaching

作者 Leonora Tubbs Tisdale
出版社 Ingram International Inc
商品描述 How Women Transform Preaching:,Womenpreachersareeverywhere.Thepulpit,onceabastionofmalepresenceandpower,hasbecome,inmanydenominations,aplacewherewomenregularl


內容簡介 Women preachers are everywhere. The pulpit, once a bastion of male presence and power, has become, in many denominations, a place where women regularly exercise their gifts, leading congregations and proclaiming God's word each week. The number of women scholars who are publishing and teaching in the field of preaching has also expanded dramatically. Leonora Tubbs Tisdale explores how the presence of women preachers and scholars of preaching has transformed the practice of homiletics this country--from the reclamation of women's "herstory" in preaching, to the topics addressed in preaching and scholarship, to the way in which Biblical hermeneutics and theologizing are undertaken in preaching, to the imagery, illustrations, shape and embodiment of the sermons themselves. How Women Transform Preaching begins with a fascinating survey, including statistical information and historical analysis. Interviewing 16 women preachers homileticians, Tisdale shares 'untold stories' of women preachers throughout history who are largely unknown but who serve as examples of both the struggle and power of women's preaching. She then tells the stories of contemporary women preachers. Throughout, Tisdale draws practical lessons for the reader, showing what students, homileticians, and preachers can learn from extraordinary women preachers.


書名 / How Women Transform Preaching
作者 / Leonora Tubbs Tisdale
簡介 / How Women Transform Preaching:,Womenpreachersareeverywhere.Thepulpit,onceabastionofmalepresenceandpower,hasbecome,inmanydenominations,aplacewherewomenregularl
出版社 / Ingram International Inc
ISBN13 / 9781791013363
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