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內容簡介 Paddington Bear這隻身著藍色外套、戴著帽子的小熊在英國可說是無人不曉,最早創作這個角色的Michael Bond與太太在車站附近商店看到一隻形單影隻代售的泰迪熊,因此以這為原型創作了Paddington Bear這角色,之後這隻小熊大受歡迎,Michael Bond不僅辭掉了之前BBC的攝影工作,開始專心的從事童書的創作。這回一次推出6本盒裝的套書組合,是送給孩子們的最佳禮物。Paddington and the Marmalade MazePaddington and the Tutti Frutti RainbowPaddington at the PalacePaddington at the ZooPaddington Minds the HousePaddington the ArtistEnjoy six hilarious picture books, all about Paddington – the nation’s favourite bear, now a major movie star – in this special gift edition suitcase with carry-along handle.Paddington Bear is a distinguished small bear of earnest good intentions who gets drawn into mishap and adventure at every turn. Thankfully his great sense of logic and determination manage to get him out of most scrapes, albeit in perhaps some rather unconventional ways.Find out what happens when Paddington gets all the wrong kind of attention at the zoo, how he finds his way out of a maze, and how he ‘helps out’ around the house…with messy results!

Paddington's Big Suitcase (6冊合售):PaddingtonBear這隻身著藍色外套、戴著帽子的小熊在英國可說是無人不曉,最早創作這個角色的MichaelBond與太太在車站附近商店看到一

書名 / Paddington's Big Suitcase (6冊合售)
簡介 / Paddington's Big Suitcase (6冊合售):PaddingtonBear這隻身著藍色外套、戴著帽子的小熊在英國可說是無人不曉,最早創作這個角色的MichaelBond與太太在車站附近商店看到一
作者 / Michael Bond
誠品26碼 / 2681219576005
ISBN13 / 9780008154523
ISBN10 / 000815452X
EAN / 9780008154523
裝訂 / 平裝
頁數 / 24
語言 / 英文
級別 /
尺寸 / 24.6X18.9CM