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Busy Holiday

作者 Sebastien Braun
商品描述 Busy Holiday:BUSY孩子的第一本"情境式"遊戲書Campbell出版社的BUSY系列,簡單又押韻的文字,配上可愛的圖,真的很好玩!全系列特價199元任選3本享定價55折BusyBooks、Fir


內容簡介 BUSY 孩子的第一本"情境式" 遊戲書 Campbell出版社的BUSY系列,簡單又押韻的文字,配上可愛的圖,真的很好玩! 全系列特價199元 任選3本享定價55折 快樂假期 推拉轉硬頁遊戲書夏天到了,當然要到海邊玩啊!帶著我的熊熊、挖沙工具、泳圈和行李,通通塞進爸爸的車子,往大海出發!到了海邊,全家合力搭帳篷,爸爸生火,媽媽泡茶,好悠閒喔!小孩們則可以盡情玩水、堆沙堡,更棒的是,平常得早睡早起,今天媽媽特許孩子們可以晚一點睡,在帳篷裡盡情看故事書,超讚!超愛這個海邊的露營假期!簡單又押韻的文字,配上可愛的圖,真的很想跟著出去玩!Summer's here, and the days are full of fun and sunshine in Busy Holiday.Pack the car, splash in the sea, whoosh down a water slide then pitch a tent just in time for bed! This wonderfully illustrated novelty book by Sebastien Braun is perfect for sharing summer time with young children. They will love to push, pull and spin the tabs and bring the summer holiday to life.


作者介紹 Sebastien Braun was born in Strasbourg. He loved drawing as a child, but as there were no art lessons at his secondary school, so he opted to study history at university. Fortunately, his course was in the same building as the art department, so he swapped and studied that instead. After teaching applied art to sixth formers for a few years, he became a freelance illustrator. Since moving to London, he has became a very successful illustrator of children's books, including Santa's Noisy House. He lives in the Cotswolds with his wife and two boys.


書名 / Busy Holiday
作者 / Sebastien Braun
簡介 / Busy Holiday:BUSY孩子的第一本"情境式"遊戲書Campbell出版社的BUSY系列,簡單又押韻的文字,配上可愛的圖,真的很好玩!全系列特價199元任選3本享定價55折BusyBooks、Fir
ISBN13 / 9781509835768
ISBN10 / 1509835768
EAN / 9781509835768
誠品26碼 / 2681472617002
頁數 / 10
尺寸 / 18X18CM
裝訂 / 兒童厚紙版書
語言 / 英文
級別 /