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內容簡介 日本知名建築師安藤忠雄,以清水混凝土為素材的建築設計享譽全球,沒有建築設計相關的學術背景,卻在各個建築相關獎項上留名,就因其獨特的設計風格。 Taschen的精選系列中,介紹了安藤的混合傳統、現代感和功能性,這些元素讓他的建築得以獲得同業建築師、設計師、時尚設計師、藝術家的讚嘆。透過讓安藤出名的關鍵建築,例如:私宅、教堂、博物館、公寓、公共建築等,看到他雖獨樹一格卻又讓人安心、混合日本傳統卻又喚起當代包浩斯的建築。 自日本、法國、義大利、西班牙和美國的眾多作品中,安藤的觸手伸向全球,和當地環境共舞,透過光影、水的加持讓作品完整,光之教堂、Punta della Dogana美術館、UNESCO總部冥想空間、立木殿堂等都是代表作品,喜愛安藤風格的讀者藉本書,透過紙張收藏安藤忠雄。A monumental touch: Tadao Ando, master of the serene yet mightyPhilippe Starck describes him as a mystic in a country which is no longer mystic. Karl Lagerfeld regards him as a 21st-century genius who saw everything, learned everything, then forgot everything and remade everything. For the Pritzker Prize jury, originality is his medium. In this essential TASCHEN introduction to Tadao Ando we explore the hybrid of tradition, modernism, and function that allows his buildings to enchant architects, designers, fashion designers, and beyond. Through key projects including private homes, churches, museums, apartment complexes, and cultural spaces, we explore a uniquely monumental yet comforting aesthetic that draws as much on the calm restraint of Japanese tradition as the compelling modernist vocabularies of Bauhaus and Le Corbusier.With featured projects in Japan, France, Italy, Spain, and the United States, we see not only Ando s global reach but also his refined sensitivity for the environs: the play of light through windows, and, in particular, the interaction of buildings with water. From the mesmerizing Church of the Light in Osaka to the luminous Punta della Dogana Contemporary Art Center in Venice, this is a radiant tour through a distinctly contemporary form as much as a timeless appeal of light, elements, and equilibrium.

Ando:,日本知名建築師安藤忠雄,以清水混凝土為素材的建築設計享譽全球,沒有建築設計相關的學術背景,卻在各個建築相關獎項上留名,就因其獨特的設計風格。 Taschen的精

書名 / Ando
簡介 / Ando:,日本知名建築師安藤忠雄,以清水混凝土為素材的建築設計享譽全球,沒有建築設計相關的學術背景,卻在各個建築相關獎項上留名,就因其獨特的設計風格。 Taschen的精
作者 / Masao Furuyama
出版社 / TASCHEN GmbH
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ISBN13 / 9783836535496
ISBN10 / 3836535491
EAN / 9783836535496
裝訂 / 精裝
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