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Araki: Tokyo Lucky Hole

作者 Nobuyoshi Araki
商品描述 Araki: Tokyo Lucky Hole:日本攝影大師荒木經惟,捕捉當年東京的LuckyHole幸運洞,呈現男女情色的性運動。在介紹這本書內容前,先了解1978年的京都,一間從外面看來很普通


內容簡介 日本攝影大師荒木經惟,捕捉當年東京的Lucky Hole幸運洞,呈現男女情色的性運動。在介紹這本書內容前,先了解1978年的京都,一間從外面看來很普通的咖啡館,賣的咖啡是一杯要價是正常價格的三倍,卻還是吸引京都男性蜂擁而至,因為館內春色大開,日本第一間女服務員超短裙無內褲,就是從這間咖啡館開始,幾年之內,席捲日本,更大的新熱潮是無內褲按摩店。越來越多的離奇服務,而這個一塊板子的Lucky Hole「幸運洞」,更是讓日本的色情業全面開花,產生日本另一面的激情學。荒木經惟,這位日本攝影大師抓住了這股浪潮,在1985年2月法案設定之前,將近三年時間他橫行新宿、東京的紅燈區,在性商店和俱樂部捕捉了在牆壁、床單、幸運洞之前的狂歡、激情,在荒木這位當時已小有名氣的攝影師鏡頭前,男男女女幾乎毫無扭捏,自然興奮呈現原始的人性,享受肉慾的快感,這個「性運動」(幸運洞)創造新宿情色的輝煌歲月,也呈現東京鮮為人知的城市生活。1983-1985年幸運洞的蓬勃發展,也引發日本當局的重視與查禁,在後期的照片可以看到隨著查禁越來越嚴厲,業者就像偷情一樣更加肆無忌憚,發展出更新更超出想像卻更能滿足情色欲望的娛樂方式,展開一場場盡是酒池肉林的饗宴──這一切在荒木帶點冷色調的鏡頭拍攝下,靈肉似乎分離卻又合而為一的幽默、嘲諷、貪婪、留戀……一張張有如寫滿驚嘆號詩歌的畫面,帶著攝影家不著痕跡的觀點,不失為欣賞照片時的另一種觀看角度。It started in 1978 with an ordinary coffee shop near Kyoto. Word spread that the waitresses wore no panties under their miniskirts. Similar establishments popped up across the country. Men waited in line outside to pay three times the usual coffee price just to be served by a panty-free young woman.Within a few years, a new craze took hold: the no-panties “massage” parlor. Increasingly bizarre services followed, from fondling clients through holes in coffins to commuter-train fetishists. One particularly popular destination was a Tokyo club called “Lucky Hole” where clients stood on one side of a plywood partition, a hostess on the other. In between them was a hole big enough for a certain part of the male anatomy.Taking the Lucky Hole as his title, Nobuyoshi Araki captures Japan's sex industry in full flower, documenting in more than 800 photos the pleasure-seekers and providers of Tokyo’s Shinjuku neighborhood before the February 1985 New Amusement Business Control and Improvement Act put a stop to many of the country's sex locales. Through mirrored walls, bed sheets, the bondage and the orgies, this is the last word on an age of bacchanalia, infused with moments of humor, precise poetry, and questioning interjections.


書名 / Araki: Tokyo Lucky Hole
作者 / Nobuyoshi Araki
簡介 / Araki: Tokyo Lucky Hole:日本攝影大師荒木經惟,捕捉當年東京的LuckyHole幸運洞,呈現男女情色的性運動。在介紹這本書內容前,先了解1978年的京都,一間從外面看來很普通
出版社 / TASCHEN GmbH
ISBN13 / 9783836556385
ISBN10 / 3836556383
EAN / 9783836556385
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尺寸 / 19.5X14CM
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語言 / 英文
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